The hand that rocked the…

Another luscious fic, only for mature readers (or young ones who want to read something they should not LOL). Enjoy…

The hand that rocked the…

The week had been extremely long, longer than an average week. She had worked extra time and setting up parties for her other employer, a rich businessman whose idea of a small family dinner meant three hundred people and a live band. Luckily for her, things in Josh-land as her best friend Su liked to call it had been really quiet, so no one noticed if she left an hour or two earlier every day.

It was four in the afternoon and she was not only exhausted, but a splitting headache was also pestering her. She had taken two painkillers already but they didn’t help. She saw stars when she walked, a sign of exhaustion; she knew she would fall into bed the moment she got home later that day.

Her tennis shoes felt light and comfortable on her swollen feet, and the torn jeans made her feel like a street kid, happy and free. Money had never changed her, and she preferred being her old self whenever she felt out of sorts with her current life. As she approached the studio she brushed back the hair from her eyes and took a deep breath. She knew her next encounter with Josh would be, to say the least, weird. They had not really talked since that day, only met here and there, a nod, a smile, a few words passing by. But she knew they would have to talk about what had happened between them, as she was not the kind of person to jump someone and just forget all about it (especially not a guy like him), and she knew he could not possibly be like that either. She walked up to the door and after a light knock which prompted his voice to rise from inside the studio, she stepped in.

-I brought you coffee –she said lightly, depositing the tray on the small table next to the couch he was sitting on, reading music sheets and correcting something now and then with a pink marker.

-Thank you –he looked up with a smile. His eyes lit up in the process and she couldn’t help but smile back. –Are you done with work yet?

-More than done –she sighed, turning her head to the side to make blood circulate in her muscles once more. –I need to get home, I will probably sleep forever. If there’s no food for you guys in the next three days, don’t call me, I’ll be out –she added with a frown. –So what are you writing?

-A song for my Christmas album. I’m debating with myself whether I should sing about sheep or the baby Jesus in the manger.

She giggled and turned to go, not wanting to disturb his creative spell, and really feeling beat by now. It seemed she turned too suddenly though, and losing her balance she reached out for something to steady herself on. She only found his hand which dropped the music sheet to prop her up.

-Whoah there, easy –he said, making her sit down. –You do look tired, should I get you anything?

-No, thanks –she said, feeling dizzy. –I have a splitting headache and the painkillers make me float –she added with a giggle.

-Here, have some of my coffee- he said, giving her the cup. She took it from his hand and as her fingers brushed his, she felt an electric shock run through her exhausted body. Oh my god, here we go again, she thought, taking a sip from the black liquid.

-Holy cow, this is strong –she said, putting the cup down. –Do you like it strong? I never asked.

-Coffee is coffee. As long as it wakes me up, the rest is not important.

-I guess- she said, rubbing her temple, relaxing into the soft fabric of the couch, leaning her head back. –I should go but this is so comfortable…

-It is, isn’t it? –he smiled. –Mom chose it for me. She spent days looking for the perfect couch for her son. She knew I liked to relax in the daytime, and she said I needed a perfect piece of furniture for that.

-Your mom is a genius –she whispered, wondering why her headache was not going away.

-You look like someone in dire need of a few more painkillers –he said in a slightly concerned tone.

-Do I? –she asked with her eyes closed. –I hate headaches. I also hate painkillers…

-Yeah, me too, both –he replied, settling himself further from her, and then leaning towards her, scaring her a little by touching her arms and speaking quietly. –Come, lie down a bit.

She felt dizzy and had no problems allowing him to pull her down in his lap. He rested his left hand on her forehead and his right hand stroked her cheek, and she instantly felt better. She had her eyes closed, as she was not sure she could face his warm glance; a happy feeling crept inside her and she smiled lightly. His palm was warm on her forehead, and she instinctively grabbed his other hand, wanting to hold it, wanting to belong to him if only for a brief time. He started humming something, a gentle melody unknown to her, and the softness of his voice enveloped her like a cloud, soothing her pain and making her drowsy. God, how can he sound like that, she wondered, drinking his every note in, holding his hand, feeling his warm palm rest on her forehead, and occasionally slide across her hair.

-No more painkillers for me, ever –she giggled. –From now on, you will be my official remedy. In fact, they should write prescriptions for you.

-My services are not cheap –he replied in a deep voice and she felt her cheek burn under his caress.

-I’m sure we can come to an agreement over the fee –she said, opening her eyes, looking into his, taking the sight of his curls falling and his eyes, huge, dark, passionate, fixed on her.

He smiled and disentangled his right hand from her grip, caressing her face and sliding his thumb across her lips. Oh good lord, she thought, feeling desire surge in her in a split second’s time. Before he could retreat his thumb she placed a kiss on it, and when his hand stopped short, she took advantage and invited the finger into the warmth of her mouth. His lips parted in surprise and he drew his breath in, breathing heavily while her tongue was making love to his thumb. He left a trace of her saliva on her chin when he slid his hand over her neck, turning her head sideways to reach her hair and bury his fingers in it, massaging her skalp and causing her to sigh contentedly.

He watched her face, pale and beautiful, as he sent his hand across her shoulder onto her breast, tiny and soft under her shirt. He noticed that she was not wearing a bra, and through her ragged breathing he gently grabbed her breast, enjoying the feel of her hard nipple through the soft clothing. She arched her body slowly to meet his hand and her eyes fluttered when he slid his hand under her shirt, touching her bare skin, feeling her chest rise and fall uncontrollably, her every breath sending her breast tighter into his grip, her creamy skin burning under his palm, her nipple maddeningly hard.

His eyes were dark pools of desire and she had completely forgotten about the whole world, let alone her headache. His hand was so gentle and warm on her skin, she felt like moaning loud but she feared he would think she was hungry for love, and for some reason she felt a certain respectful reserve towards him. She also feared her reserve would dissolve pretty soon; when his hand travelled across her navel to the buttons of her jeans she gasped and covered her burning face instinctively. Will he think I’m a moron, she thought, after all that had happened the previous time; what was she doing in his arms again, what was he doing unbuttoning her jeans and OH she was so wet his finger’s touch sent shivers across her body and she threw her arms back, daring herself to look at him. She was trembling under his touch and wanted to pull his face down to kiss him, but his left hand pressed her hands down and he kept looking into her eyes while he slowly sent a finger into her warmth, making her moan shamelessly. She felt exposed and she knew he probably wanted to make her feel that way, and for some reason the thought aroused her even more. She leaned back into him, feeling his own arousal under her head, enjoying the sight of his trembling curls above her and the piercing of his dark eyes. His finger moved in and out of her slowly, lusciously travelling on her juices, and just when she thought she could not take any more he pulled out of her and pushed back again with two fingers this time. She forcefully pushed his left hand away and grabbed the collar of his shirt to pull him down into a deep, passionate kiss. Her muscles wanted to tighten around his fingers so badly she had to act fast; she sat up and got rid of her jeans and underwear, and kissing him again, lashing out with her tongue, driving him insane, she undid his jeans and before he could even close his eyes she pulled him deep inside her. She was flooding him with her juices and he felt so good inside her she moaned aloud; his hands grabbed her buttocks and helped her ride him in slow, deliberate and painfully delicious moves. She had been close to the edge with only his finger stroking her warm depths but his smooth member felt so perfect she knew she could not last longer. She kissed him and sent moans of delight into his mouth, starting to lose it, her knees giving in, her arms unable to hug him any more; she felt his hips take over and thrust deep inside her, again, and again, and again, until she felt a fierce ripple of ecstasy sweep across her body, leaving her burning and spent, feeling with the remnants of her sanity his own body stop short and hearing his deep groan in her ear, his hips lifting her helpless body a few more times, sucking the last drops of delight out of her. She dropped her arms around his neck and her head on his shoulder, hardly able to hold herself from slipping off of him.

He lifted her face and looked into her eyes, panting, flushed and his own eyes all askance. She knew he wanted answers and she wanted them too, but for now she was so spent she could only kiss him gently, feeling his smooth hands travel under her shirt, squeezing her body to him, kissing her back tenderly, not like someone who had got what he wanted and now he wants out, but like someone who is grateful and wants to give back more than he received.

-How’s your headache? –he asked after a long kiss, searching her eyes, brushing her long hair from them to see her better.

She opened her mouth to laugh, to say something smart, to thank him, to ask if he wanted to know her as she wanted to know him- but thought better and kissed him once more. And in that kiss there were more answers he could ever hope for.