The studio

Another adult-oriented fic: don’t read if you’re shocked by sexuality. If you like it though, treat yourself. LOL.

Just what were they thinking, she would never figure out: they were throwing the extremely expensive salmon-on-rye sandwiches at each other, like stupid teenagers. Well, some of them were just that, invited because of very distant relations to certain popular items also present. She stared in disbelief, making wild calculations in her mind about the approximate amount of money they were wasting every minute, and the staggering quantities of plainer, but perhaps healthier, and most definitely more crucial food that might have been purchased with that money and sent to poor countries. Damn these stupid parties, she cursed under her breath, fuming and walking around the drinks area. She desperately wanted a drink, but she knew she was not allowed.

She noticed him stand at the other end of the gigantic and stunningly elegant room; he was wearing dark jeans and a snow-white shirt with a black jacket on top, and he looked- well, he looked devastatingly hot. She watched him move around, at ease and relaxed, shaking hands, sending those amazing smiles to everyone he came in contact with, and laughing with his head back, his hands all the time busy with lively gestures. Her glance was instinctively glued to his lovely, slender figure, and while she followed him closely, she took some cocktail from the bar unbeknowst to herself. Her tongue welcomed the cold, sweet drink, and because she hardly ever drank, she instantly started to feel the tingling sensation in her limbs from the slight amount of alcohol in it.

Josh was talking to some rich producer who wanted him in a movie when he saw her standing there on her own, a glass in her hand, watching him. He nodded and waved, smiling, and she smiled back. It was a very simple gesture, a mere nod of acknowledgement but his heart leaped, as well as his stomach at the memory of their previous encounters. It had been weeks since that afternoon; they had not talked, only, again, met fleetingly, and by now he was wondering whether she was planning to keep it that way. Were they to be the occasional sex partners to each other? No questions, no demands, no anything? So far, there had been no demands on her part, and she obviously kept their meetings secret. When they met about work, she was pleasant, but distant, making small talk, behaving very comme il faut, not for a single moment letting on what she was thinking. She intrigued him, and he had to admit that he liked her mysteriousness. She seemed to be brave enough to let him close when he wanted it, and after that, keep a distance. He also had to admit that the two occasions they got intimate with each other lived on in his memory like flames of passion in the desert of his everydays. He remembered her sweetness, her gentleness, her unhidden craving for him, and her honesty of emotion. Watching her now, while she was watching him, he wondered what next.

She saw him beckon to her and she had to take a big gulp of cold drink. She sensed his expectant mood from afar, but she could not have explained to him what went on in her mind. All she knew was she liked to be close to him, she liked to see him and follow his feline moves with her glance. As the cocktail warmed her insides and started a drowsy buzz in her ears, she felt her legs carry her closer to him, every step wary and unstable. Oh man, this is going to be fun, she thought, placing her empty glass down and taking another from a table she passed on her way.

By the time she got to that homely painting of a duck and a hound, Josh had disappeared. She turned around, bewildered, wondering when she had lost him, as she had been watching him all that time. Dammit. She drank her wine, and then closed her eyes for a second to clear her vision which started to get blurry. What was she doing? Getting drunk like this, fancying her handsome boss- maybe she craved for his touch, again? She felt an alarming stir in her loins. You need a boyfriend. Badly.

Someone spoke to her but she was honestly past caring, and with a disarming smile and wide gesture of her hand she graciously wavered her steps towards the washroom.

On her way out she was hijacked by a pair of hands which pulled her behind an open door, into the darkness of some office or storage room, she had no idea, as she saw nothing. Her senses only picked up his scent, enabling her to recognize him, by now she knew, from among a thousand men.

-Uhm- she said, aware that she wanted to say more, but the alcohol seemed to strike big time. Also, there was a pair of eyes, shining like opals in the darkness, that she had to face.

-Josh- how nice to see you tonight- she mustered the words from behind her sweaty mind. She knew she smelled of alcohol. She wondered if he was going to be disgusted. Funnily enough, she never wondered why he had pulled her in there.

-Do you drink often? –he asked, and he instantly regretted the question. It was none of his business.

-Only when I’m undecided about something –she said, leaning into the door to keep herself steady. –Are you going to fire me for drinking during work?

-What are you undecided about? –he asked, steping closer to her.

She could feel his breath on her mouth. She felt weak in the knees but she just couldn’t let it happen, not again. She was not his ragdoll. What was he thinking? Who did he want to impress with his crooning and now his macho behaviour? The alert half of her brain told her to flee his grasp in that very instant, and before she could start complicating things in her prolific mind she pushed him away and stepped out of the darkness.

Okay, settle down, cool yourself, take it easy, she told herself, smoothing her skirt, taking deep breaths. She was aware of the fact that her legs and hands were shaking, and the mere thought of his breath on her lips made her quiver with desire. Approaching a group of people she tried to look not like someone who had experienced all the stages of want in ten seconds, but a professional and intelligent adult.

He stepped out into the light a little after she had gone. Slowly closing the door he wondered at how fast she was able to arouse him. She was slightly drunk, and as he noticed her sway among the people he knew and those he didn’t, he found himself swallow at the thought of her naked body pressed to his groin. What was her name again? Christina. Stephens. Or Stellar. Stevenson. Goddammit, who cared.

She looked around to see if he was anywhere close, and when she didn’t see him she let out a sigh of relief. She just couldn’t face him, not tonight, with her hormones amock and her brain in turmoil. She dizzily scanned the crowd, taking the blurry faces in, the music which was very subdued compared to her thoughts, and trying to figure out what he wanted of her. As she leaned against a counter, she imagined him say her name and it sounded so sexy she almost laughed out loud. God help me if he appears again, she giggled to herself, sipping some orange juice and nibbling on a piece of chocolate meringue.

Just then there was some commotion at the miniature stage set up at the entrance of the large room and everyone turned to see what was happening. People stepped closer and she stood there, slightly unsure about herself and her legs threatening to give in anytime. Her hand was looking for something to keep her balance with, but she only found something warm and moving.

A hand.

Before she could turn, she felt him press tight into her from behind, his right arm encircling her waist, his breath in her ear. She clearly felt his arousal and his hand was definitely caressing her stomach, very close to her breast. She gasped, remembering that they were in public, and someone could turn to look at them at any moment now, and the person at the microphone who was talking about charity causes and donations was clearing their throat and oh my god they cannot spot us she thought-

She was being pulled backwards, and she allowed him once more to drag her away from everyone, out of their view, into the hall. After the door clicked, he spinned her around and his mouth found hers in a wild kiss. She moaned as his tongue was lighting her fire in no time, sliding between her lips and dancing in her mouth, with his breath filling her lungs. His hands were all over her, uncontrollably grabbing her breasts and waist and bottom, pulling her closer and pressing her hips to his, right into his painful erection. She had not felt such strong desire for ages, and she forgot to think. She left all her thoughts behind as she hugged him so tight her arms hurt. She grabbed his hair and gently tugged at his curls to pull his lips away from hers so that she could breathe. His eyes were ablaze with ravenous desire and it made her so weak she could hardly stand. Oh my god, is it me making this gorgeous man horny? She stared into his lovely eyes and she almost drowned in them as he pulled her close once more to kiss her long and deep.

He wanted her so badly he almost forgot that they were in danger of being seen by people coming out. His mind raced madly in between kissing her and he soon remembered the little studio they had shown him earlier that day. Praying that it would be empty he walked backwards, never taking his lips off hers, his hands checking the way, grabbing the handle, opening the door and then closing it with a loud bang.

She was his now.

He started to undress her quickly, yet careful not to damage her clothes; his considerate behaviour made her giggle, aware that she had been naked for the past two hours in his eyes. His lips were hot and wet when he kissed her left breast, slowly and painfully sucking on her nipple, gently biting on it, making her moan loudly. She started to lose her balance so she just let herself sway a little and when she was falling, he held her and that made her happier than she had been for weeks. Well, for two weeks three days precisely.

He was pulling her skirt down, and then her panties, and she stood there naked, amazed at his beauty as he looked her up and down and kissed her again. Her hands fumbled with his shirt, and her fingers found his navel, then his nipples. She threw the beautiful Armani shirt away to lean into his hairy chest, loving the tickling sensation against her breasts. His pants fell with a lush sound and her hands crawled inside his boxers to feel his smooth buttocks, grabbing them and loving his muscles tense under her fingers.

She stooped to push his boxers down and when she did, he wanted to pull her up to him but her lips had already encircled his manhood. Oh my god, he thought as his brain went blank with the feeling of delight so strong he could barely stand. Her mouth was sliding on him slowly and lusciously, her tongue playing with his member, her hands on his thighs. He staggered and had to prop himself on a table full of papers and CDs. She felt so good he wanted to roar.

She heard his moans and loved to tease him and make him powerless. Just when she knew he was on the verge of exploding, he pulled her away and up to him, kissing her wildly, and she whimpered at the touch of his manhood against her entrance, waiting to have him inside her to feel complete again. He kept kissing her though, and with one gesture he turned her around, pressing her against the table, at the same time pushing everything off its surface.

She felt powerless, pinned to the hard object, with another type of hardness against her. His hands held her hips as she entered her and when he started moving his hips against her she had to forget holding herself up. Her arms were shaking and he felt so perfect in her that she moaned incessantly. He moved in and out of her with amazingly slow thrusts, considering that he must have been damn close to the edge. He pulled her up with his left arm which went under her arm, on her breast, and as he kissed her neck and ears, his right hand slid around her waist and between her thighs, his finger touching her where she did not need to be touched to feel unearthly delight. He was rubbing her gently at first, then more fiercely, his thrusts coming faster now, his tongue licking her ear. He was in her and around her, her every part felt covered by his hands and his lips, and his moves felt so good she closed her eyes and just allowed herself to float in his arms like a ragdoll that she had, after all, chosen to be for him.

-Oh god Christina-

He had grabbed her breasts from behind with both hands and his hips pressed against her relentlessly. His muscles tensed against her as she also came with a silent moan- she was out of breath and when he said her name she lost the little sanity she had been left. His fingers were tight on her breasts, then loose, then they fell to her side and he propped himself on the side of the table, pushing her down on it. She didn’t care. She was past caring about anything. She was melting into delight-land, dizzy and speechless and without any physical or mental strength whatsoever. She still felt him inside her for a few moments before he pulled out and fell into the chair, taking her into his arms, making her sit in his lap.

She put her arms around his neck and leaned into him, breathing heavily, listening to his heavy panting. She felt his and her juices trickle out of her body, making a complete mess of both of them, but she didn’t care. His breath lifted his chest with her pressed into it, and his sweaty curls were playfully tickling her lips.

-You said my name- she whispered, wondering how she could still utter a coherent sentence.

-It’s a beautiful name- he replied coarsely, then cleared his throat.

-Not as beautiful as yours- she said, pressing her nose into his hair, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

She wanted to kiss him so badly she felt a tear form in her eye, so she turned him towards her and kissed him lovingly, taking his face between her hands, feeling his arms go around her waist and his whole body move slightly to hold her more comfortably.

She knew she loved him. It had been there all along, ever since that first day she saw him. She knew he used her for, taking her when he was in need, but she didn’t care. She loved him so much she knew she would do anything he ever asked for. Kissing him was heaven, making love to him was being reborn, being in his arms was peace and happiness. He was everything she needed.

She kissed him and let her tears wash their skin, feeling his touch turn reassuring when he sensed she was crying. His hands on her hair were so gentle she didn’t care if he never wanted to see her again.

He was hers in the moment, like in those moments before, and nothing else mattered.