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Rajzoltam II.

Én is idétlenkedtem egyet- ha az eredetit nem nézem, egész jó… anyu azt mondja, ne akarjam fényképszerűre, lazább vonalakkal rajzoljak… na hiszen könnyű mondani ezt egy olyannak, aki majd’ fél évszázada rajzol és fest! Haha!

I did something too- rather lame, compared- but if I don’t look at the original, it’s bearable. Mom tells me I shouldn’t try to be so exact, and use lighter lines… well, easy to say for someone who has drawn and painted for half a century haha!


Anyum rajzai II.

Hát igen. Tud rajzolni, azt hiszem…
Yep. I guess she can draw.

joshmom1.jpg joshmom2.jpg joshmom3.jpg
joshmom5.jpg joshmom6.jpg joshmom7.jpg


“Dedicato a chi ha sempre una speranza
Davanti ad un dolore nel freddo di una stanza
Dedicato a chi cerca la sua liberta…”




It all seemed clear to him as he was walking the path of sorrow and solitude that led to his favourite clearing; amidst all the tall trees that scraped the skies, it lay round and perfectly set to greet the rising sun. An October breeze was softly playing with his hair, and a just awaking sun was casting warm kisses upon his cold cheek. He had been walking for what seemed like forever; he had walked past monster-trees that wanted to grab his flimsy being, past invisible ghosts of the night manifest only in sound- the cracking of withered branches, the hooting of a lost wild beast, the almost inaudible whispers of a full moon, the swish of clouds that threatened to steal its pale silvery light. He had roamed the grounds of his long lost innocence, getting closer to leaving it all behind, with each step taken feeling the coldness of the fall, like the translucent veil of death, envelop him. It had been a beautiful day, the last day of his existence. He was grateful for it, and he ambled at a leisurely pace across dead leaves and future new lives under them. He believed that every death leads to a birth, and he wondered what kind of life would sprout from his passing form. He hoped to be the ending to a very noble and gracious new beginning- but looking back at his life, he doubted he would be. Nevertheless, it was decided, and he felt calm. read more »

Le Petit Josh




This is it, this is as long as I managed to keep from writing about these two. I will try to take the feelings these stories evoke in me with sanity and reason and not cause too much havoc over at Grobania with my silly self-analysis.

Fic to be read by mature readers! Enjoy…

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This is Josh

Ezt most csak így egyszerűen muszáj.

Without any further ado… I hope I can have it here. Please let me have it. It’s a wonderful blog by the way- I had saved the image from


Zene füleimnek

Meg kell mondanom, imádok külföldön használt CD boltokban bogarászni. Mint a könyvekkel, szeretem őket eredetiben, borítóval, színes papírral, ahogy megalkották őket a lemezgyárban. read more »

Egy angyal élőben

2007. Június 6-a, London (Hampton Court Palace)


Előzményekről is ejtessék néhány szó, mert így kerek a történet. Mármint, hogy miért vettem a nyakamba a világot, és utaztam külföldre, nem kevés anyagiak ellenében, egy sima zenei koncert kedvéért. Nem Bécsbe, ahova eddig már kétszer is vonatoztam, egyszer Tori Amos, másodszor Phil Collins miatt. (Megjegyzem, mindkét előadó, azóta, ellátogatott kis hazánkba is…) Hanem a világ egyik leglüktetőbb fővárosába, Londonba. read more »

Siggy 2

Hogy egy helyen legyenek.


Illetve hozzáadom Lory barátnőm aláírását is.




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The passing

The weather-eaten stone was warm and welcoming under her skeletal weight. She was old and tattered, staring blankly at the gravestone she was sitting on. Time had stopped short as the leafless trees wailed above her head, and the late autumn wind blew through her snow-white hair. She did not hear the wind, but she felt its cold grip on her aching skin. read more »

The Piano II.

Smutfic. Above 18 or whatever. Make sure to have uhm a guy next to you for after. Or, an iceberg!!!


-Sophia! Hey, Sophia!

[author’s note: that got you jittery, eh, Sophia? LOL!]

She woke from her dream with a start at the shrill voice of some guy yelling after someone outside her office. She heard trampling and then laughter, and then silence. She imagined the two human bodies meet and open and embrace and unite. She wanted to see them, she wanted to be part of their happiness. She wanted to be in the arms of someone. read more »


Nahát, úgy tűnik, mégsem vagyok teljesen reménytelen. Ahhoz képest, nem is vészes. 🙂