The Piano II.

Smutfic. Above 18 or whatever. Make sure to have uhm a guy next to you for after. Or, an iceberg!!!


-Sophia! Hey, Sophia!

[author’s note: that got you jittery, eh, Sophia? LOL!]

She woke from her dream with a start at the shrill voice of some guy yelling after someone outside her office. She heard trampling and then laughter, and then silence. She imagined the two human bodies meet and open and embrace and unite. She wanted to see them, she wanted to be part of their happiness. She wanted to be in the arms of someone.

Oh, that someone was working in the studio a mere few doors away from her. He had been on her mind non-stop for what seemed like an eternity. How did she live before she started working for him? She strained her memory for significant events in her life, but nothing stood out from the grey uniformity of the long stretch of days. She had been a bank clerk, then a cashier, then a florist. She had had several partners, none of them fulfilling in any sense of the word. Comparing them all to Josh seemed unfair, because after all, they had been human beings, neither better, nor worse than anyone else. She couldn’t help but instinctively notice, however, in just how many ways Josh seemed- well- close to perfect.

It was only past eleven. The day lay long ahead of her, mostly empty of tasks. A lot of minutes and hours to pass. She felt restless and useless, and after staring out of her window for a while, she decided she would stand up and stretch her legs.

Not surprisingly, her legs had decided to take her to that infamous door once more. She listened to the sounds coming through to her, sometimes like a melodic flow of meaning and purpose, sometimes like pebbles of thought that dropped heavy into the silence. The melody sounded low and sombre, candidly portraying the state of mind of its creator. She listened with her eyes closed, wishing she could somehow float through the wood across to him, without having to open the door and break the silence.

Someone passed her, and then someone else. She tried to look like someone who had a purpose being there. Failing miserably, she decided to stop all silly rumours before they could start and she officially knocked on his door.

-Yes- he said, slightly irritated she feared.

She stepped in quietly and stood at the door for a few moments without saying anything. He looked up and the thought of a smile flickered across his lips, which opened to utter the not so promising words:

-Hi Christina. Is there something important?

She trembled when she heard her name, but then shook herself and tried to act casual.

-Important? No, not really. I just- just wanted to ask how the song was coming along.

-Slowly- he replied with a sigh, stretching his arms above his head. –Not to mention that I should have a “do not disturb” sign on the door. You are probably the tenth person to knock in the past hour.

-Sorry- she said, almost turning to leave. But then her drumming heart stopped her. She could not leave when all she wanted was to be with him. Whatever happened.

She took the steps necessary to reach his piano, and when she got there, she placed her hand on his curls. He did not seem to mind, which fact was confirmed by his eyes closing and a small sigh escaping his lips, which she took as a green signal so she stooped to take his face in her hands.

His lips tasted a little sour from the coffee he must have had not so long before, and they were warm and welcoming under hers. She kissed him slowly, combing through his curls with impatient fingers. She needed to be his, for whatever price. She was willing to be kept a secret, to be avoided at parties and in public, and used whenever he felt like having her. She needed him so badly right now that she sat into the chair of his lap with her legs dangling above ground. She pressed her tummy to his, and adored the way his breath stopped short when she brushed his sensitive area with hers through their clothing. Looking down into his eyes she saw a deep desire there not to be appeased by sweet touches and gestures. She felt him bulge under her hips and she swallowed at the mental image of him naked.

The next kiss was given by him to her, on no ambiguous terms: it was deep and moist and he made sure to grab her bottom while he sucked on her lower lip. The air stopped in her lungs when she wanted to laugh, satisfied that she was able to arouse him like that. He pulled her even closer to him, and his hardness hurt, but it also made her shiver with anticipation. She leaned back, holding onto his neck, closing her eyes, feeling his hands on her breast, caressing them through the tight green shirt she was wearing. She rocked her hips slowly against his, while he lifted her shirt to expose her bra-less torso.

She looked to beautiful and so devoted- he had forgotten all about his song and the fact that he had one week to finish it. He was burning with desire for her perfect body and her tender-loving soul. She loved him, he could see it in her eyes and every gesture. She always looked at him with timid eyes when they were in public, not wanting to risk anything that would compromise him. He often took pity on her, and decided to open his heart to her the next time they met. But something in him always kept him from being honest with her. He could not let anyone in, not yet, not now. He was busy, he was committed to his work, and he knew it would be best for both of them to keep it that way.

Her nippled were small warm buttons under his flaming palms. He tore her shirt off and sealed her mouth in a wild kiss. As she moaned he felt he would lose it completely- her back arched under his fingers and her tongue danced with his and he just could not wait any longer.

She felt him rise with her weight on him; she never touched the floor as he stood up with her legs circled around his waist. She kept kissing him with her eyes closed, and she felt she was flying. He was her plane, her desiring angel with his wings covering her naked back. She flew her to a place called heaven, and he rested her against the soft material of the sofa. She did not open her eyes, and did not relax the embrace of her legs either. She heard him take off his T-shirt, then unzipping her jeans, after pushing her slightly lower. She gasped at the touch of his hurrying fingers on her hips; he literally tore her jeans off together with her underwear.

Opening her eyes she saw him watch her in fascination. His glance was searching and she felt totally exposed and helpless, but it was a delicious sensation. If her voice had not failed her she might have uttered that she was his to do whatever he wanted; but she was only able to breathe, and with difficulty. She lay naked in front of him, and his eyes felt her up and down with a precision that never allowed any part of her escape. She felt her limbs burn and the air was getting so hot it was stifling her.

-You’re so beautiful… –he said in a subdued and velvety voice.

She blushed and wanted to scream, I’m beautiful for your sake… take me, have me for the rest of my life, locked in a dungeon for all I care. I can be anything you want. But again, she was only able to gasp when he stooped and placed a kiss on her neck- then, on her collar-bone- then, on one of her breasts, then on the other, first gently licking her nipple, then taking it into his mouth. When he drew his lips away, she felt cold and shivered; then, she shivered when his tongue slid across her belly to her navel, where it ran small wet circles. She instinctively pressed harder into the sofa to escape his touch which was making her lose control, but his hands grabbed her hips firmly and made sure that she could hardly move when he kissed her triangle.

Oh my god was all she could muster, and that only in her mind; she felt his moist lips between her legs, kissing her inner thighs, leaving wet traces ot desire everywhere. When his warm breath brushed her most sensitive part she felt a rush of longing so strong she arched her back and moved her hips in his hands- but he would not let her go- instead, he kissed her where she had not been kissed for a long time- and then his tongue licked her slowly, so slowly that she felt a tear roll down her cheek- one long, slow kiss of his tongue upwards- and then another- and then he worked his way inside her, deeper, and deeper, and she forgot who she was, she lost her identity, she wished to dissolve into his hands and stay with him forever as he licked her inside and outside. Please make him stop, she prayed to the elements, and he did stop.

She opened her eyes to see his beautiful eye hang on her with love and craving; she had no power left in her to reach for him, but he had no trouble undressing by himself and when he lay on top of her, she lifted her trembling hips to help him ease into her wet entrance.

He moaned and started moving with small thrusts at first. She tried to hug him with her legs but they were too weak- her shaking hands did manage to slide across his buttocks and she enjoyed the feel of his muscles contract each time she felt him going deeper inside her. She saw his lips glisten and his eyes spoke in endless novels of passion and desire. She came without any warning and her breathing stopped short- but he kept moving, and she tried to keep his rhythm, lifting her spent body to meet his long thrusts- he felt delicious and warm and perfect, so perfect- and when he exploded into her with a loud moan she came once more. Closing her eyes she could only hear his loud panting, and her heart that beat frantically against the cage of her ribs.

She embraced him and held him for a long time.

He did not want to move away, and she was the happiest person on the planet.