You’re my mirror (2)

For mature readers etc.

You’re My Mirror (2)

He shifted in his seat, restlessly throwing a leg over the other, waiting for the camera to be set finally. It was an especially slow and exhausting photo shoot, something that if he had been asked, he would have considered useless. Why was there need for another “Noel” photo shoot? They had the pics they needed, so why put him and everyone else through the torture of sitting or standing for hours, staring with eyes open into the flash, all for the sake of two or maybe three photos.

-I think this is dead –Max mumbled under his nose. –And lucky for us, Danny did not bring the spare one as I told him to. Dan, you’re fired.

-I’m not.

-You are. Move your ass and bring me that damn spare. You are so going to pay for the lost time!

Josh looked at Max.

-Now what?

-Now we wait.

-How long?

-Depending on the traffic… at least an hour or more. Goddammit.

-I’ll go say hi to an acquaintance in the house –Josh said, and not waiting for the reply, got up and walked up the stairs to Louise’s flat.

He knocked on the door, looking aside as an old lady walked past him with a basket full of groceries. She smiled at him and he smiled back, remembering too late to help her carry the heavy basket. As she disappeared around the landing and he stifled a curse, the door opened.

-Hello –Louise said, leaning against the doorframe. –Another photoshoot?

-Another disaster, more likely –Josh replied. –Hi. Is this a bad time…?

-A bad time for what? –she asked, a half smile forming on her lips.

He was caught off balance, and as she turned to let him enter her flat, he smirked.

-I just made some tea. You want some? –she turned her head, and her eyes seemed the deepest turquoise he had ever seen.

-Sure –he said, taking in the changes in her flat since his last… his last visit. The paintstand was gone, but the rugs were there. The table in the corner, with the sculpted lover in the pose of eternal and painful delight. Josh remembered that sculpture well, just like he remembered every detail of their being together. It had been four weeks, and their encounter surfaced in his brain at odd moments: at work, during recording sessions (now that was highly embarrassing), during family dinners. He was surprised that she had not called him. She probably knew his address, his phone number, she could have bothered him, even blackmailed him. Instead, she chose to disappear and allow him, no, force him to make an appearance at her door. Because force him, she did: in ways he was beyond grasping.

-Have you done any painting lately? –he asked to make conversation.

She returned with a tall and slender cup that had a swirly flower at its handle. Steam rose from it, and the scent of peach and honey. He took the cup and waited for her reply, which she was apparently not in a rush to give.

-Have you done any music lately? –she asked back, easing herself into an armchair under the window. It was a sunny afternoon and the warm light stroked her shoulders and neck, giving her outline a blurry, sparkly aura. He sat down into another armchair that was placed in the other end of the room and held his cup with both hands. The heat burned his palms but it was exciting.

-Of course –he replied, trying to cool his tea with his breath.

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders, and gave no other reply.

He stared at her for a moment before he realized what she meant.

-So can I see it?


-Why not?

-Because it’s private –she said, placing her cup down, pulling one leg up. She wore a long and quite transparent dress, the colour of tired sand. It reminded him of a desert: as she moved, the material stuck to her thigh and rested on her curves, like sand on the dunes, blown there by the wind.

-You showed me that sculpture, remember? It can’t be more private than that –he smirked, trying to drink his tea. As the hot liquid reached his tongue, he hissed in pain and quickly put the cup on the floor.

-See? If you’re curious, you’ll burn yourself –she said, resting her arms on those of the chair.

-This was impatience, not curiosity –he mumbled, touching his burnt tongue to his palate.

-Same thing –she told him, and continued looking at him with a calm assurance that was quickly upturning his balance. –Tell me something new –she added, lifting her eyebrows.

-Like… about myself? Well, my Christmas album’s out and…

-I said, something new.

-I was offered a movie role [A/N: Damn, if only…!!!!!] and I’m reading the script but they want me to play a villain and I’m not sure that should be my first role ever… not good enough for that.

-Everyone gets offered a movie role or two these days –she said, tilting her head and putting her right arm on her thigh as she was sitting. –However, I think you would do well.

-How do you know?

-I just know –she shrugged. –Female instinct.

-Maybe I’ll take that part, then –he bit his lip, then smiled at her nervously.

-Is there something wrong? –she asked, her enquiry simple and pure, almost innocent. She was so far from being innocent- but her face was a pool of innocence that she kept as long as she wanted, only giving way to her wishes after she had tormented her prey long enough. He thought all this and became even more nervous at the images his mind had conjured. Was he scared of her?

-I’m just… pissed off at the whole day –he said, looking away, as if checking out her room. –Too many hours wasted for too little result. Not my type of work, you know?

She let him gaze around her flat, and in the meanwhile, she checked him out. He was wearing jeans and a black shirt open at the neck, with a black jacket on top. Boots. Brown scarf.

-Aren’t you hot –she said, meeting his glance when he turned to look at her.

-You’re right, I forgot we had AC down there –he replied, and took his coat off, then placed it on the floor, for lack of a better place, folding it neatly, and dropping his scarf on top.

-I meant, you’re hot. As in, sexy hot –she giggled, enjoying his blush.

-Oh –was all he could come up with, and bit his lower lip again. Then, smiled and hung his head in embarrassment.

-Wow, a celebrity who blushes at a compliment –she marvelled, leaning forward and propping her chin on both hands.

-Sorry to disappoint –he said, rubbing his chin, casting her a furtive glance. All the time wondering how it was possible that he was acting like a moron when he had been inside her and had seen her come. He also wondered if she was wearing anything under her dress. It stuck to her skin like it had been glued to it.

-Who said I was disappointed, Josh? –she smiled gently, honestly. –You’re a sweet guy. I really like you.

-What’s so sweet about me? –he asked, leaning back in his seat. –People tell me I’m sweet. Cuddly. Cute. What the hell are these meant to mean? Am I like a teddy-bear? A kid of seven? A clown? What?

-It means that the child inside you is ready to surface at every moment –she said patiently, looking at him with serious eyes. –You’re an adult who weaves magic, Josh. Not many adults are capable of that.

-I’m just a guy who likes beer and sex and video games. It’s the fact that I can sing that makes me special.

-I can’t discuss the beer and games, but the sex part I can confirm –she winked, letting a laugh escape her lips at his second blush that day.

-And who makes a jerk out of himself in front of women –he added with a smirk. –Don’t worry, I’m used to it.

-We like guys like that –she said, taking a deep breath, lifting her head a little to smell the day outside. –Such lovely weather, and we’re trapped among four walls.

He froze in his seat. Was she going to suggest going out, for a walk or something? He did not want to take a walk. He was not sure what he wanted but he knew that whatever that may be, had to do with her desert-dress and her ocean-eyes, green and turquoise at the edges.

-Relax –she told him, turning back to look inside his eyes. –I don’t want to go anywhere.

He blushed and gave up. It was no use. She laughed, then stood up slowly. Walking towards him, her ankles crossed each other on the floor, her bare feet touching the wooden floor without a sound, and he noticed something sparkle on her big toe. A silver ring.

-Listen, Josh –she said, kneeling in front of him and sitting down on her heels. –I know why you’re here, so just stop pretending to want small talk and friendship. My life is very uncomplicated right now, and I want to keep it that way. I had a very nice time with you a few weeks ago… and based on your presence here, now, I would say you had fun, too. Isn’t that enough?

He stared at her face and her lips that said all those words, the heavenly confession for any guy. Any guy but him. His mind told him, dude, she’s the perfect woman. There when you need her, away when you want to be somewhere else. No demands, no questions.

-I’m not saying I couldn’t fall in love with you –she added, resting her hand on his knee. –You must be a great guy. I just don’t want to, okay? So if you’re looking for more than… sex, then please leave.

He swallowed and tried to process what he heard. It was simple, too simple. It simplified things beyond his wildest dreams: after all, he had been hoping for just what she offered. And yet, he felt something was wrong, but he couldn’t pinpoint what.

Her eyes hung on his as her hand slowly crawled up his thigh, reaching his belt. He gasped when she grabbed his belt and pulled him to the floor. He sat with his back leaning against the armchair and Louise kneeling between his legs. Her expert hands slid under his shirt at his belt and went around his bare waist to touch his back with palms as cool as a morning breeze. He instinctively pulled away from her cool touch, which meant moving closer to her. She smiled, leaning closer to kiss him softly, urging his lips to part and meeting his tongue fleetingly with hers.

-Does it hurt? –she asked, moving away slightly.

He shook his head, unable to utter a word. Her eyes were mesmerising him, their depth changing, moving, making him float as they sparkled under her lashes. He let her kiss him again, and his hands went around her back carefully. She didn’t particularly look like someone fragile, but he felt like being tender with her. She leaned into him while she kissed him patiently, her lips soft and moist; despite the fact that she felt innocent, his blood was already boiling at the touch of her hands on his back, pulling him tight to her. His hands must have given her a signal he was unaware of giving because her tongue delved into his mouth and she started kissing him like the sea: pushing forward and retreating, sending her tongue into his cave, kindling his desire.

Dizzy from their kiss, he let his head fall back, keepig his eyes closed, feeling her fingers unbutton his shirt. She looked at her a moment later; she was focused on his buttons, her lips parted and her brows serious. She smiled when she saw him look at her, and having finished with the shirt, she peeled it off of him, leaving him sitting in his jeans.

-I love these –she said, brushing a finger over his left, then right nipple. He gasped and laughed, surprised at how powerful such a small touch could feel.

-Yeah? I love them too –he chuckled and tried to pull her closer to him, but she seemed to have other plans; wanting to escape, she forced his hands to grip her harder and the next moment he was holding her pressed with her back to him.

She giggled at his strength and squirmed a little more, only making him crazier with desire.

-And I love these –he breathed into her ear as he slowly cupped both of her breasts. He had to lose his grip on her but he knew she would not want to go anywhere, and he was right. He smiled at the way her body arched her breasts into his hands and her hips into his groin. Gasping when she started rubbing herself against his sensitive area, he gently bit her earlobe.

She sighed and her right hand slid between her bottom and his stomach to grab him through his jeans.

He closed his eyes and his hands fell off her breasts, then, as she took advantage and flipped over to face him, he opened his eyes to look at her.

She quickly undid his belt and unzipped his jeans, and was pulling them off of him, making sure to pull his underwear with them. He felt exposed and powerless, but not for long. Sitting up, he grabbed her dress and lifted it off of her: it felt like silk and touched her skin with a soft sound.

She was completely naked under her dress but before he would have had time to look at her beautiful body, she sat on top of him.

He pulled her down for a long and deep kiss, and she obliged, grabbing his curls and tugging at them gently as their lips and tongues lashed against each other.

Was it she who moved, or his hands made her? She eased herself down and around him, stealing a sigh from his lips and filling his mouth with one of hers.

-Promise me we’ll stay like this –she said, gently moving on top of him, her breasts stirring at the slightest touch, her nipples gluing his eyes to them.

-Like what? –he asked, breathing on one of them and taking it into his mouth to suck at it.

She gasped and giggled, then gasped again when he grabbed her hips and distanced her body from his, enabling her to slide him inside herself again. It felt so right, so perfect that he was losing touch with reality fast. His strength was diminishing but she took charge, and pressing him with his back to the armchair, she half lay on him and started rubbing and pushing, grinding her hips into his, placing kisses on his mouth.

He felt in heaven as she rubbed her warmth all over him, tearing herself away and sucking him in again and again. He was hardly able to keep his hands on her hips; he felt her breasts tight against his chest and her full lips kiss him endlessly.

Before he knew it, his muscles tensed under her perfect body and the remnants of his strength exploded into her. His head fell on the seat of the chair and he heard his ears throb as she collapsed on him with a long moan.

They lay like that, a little apart, a little together, satisfied and neutral, and then she propped herself on an elbow and looked at him.

-You have the most beautiful face when you come –she said simply.

He stared at her and let out a weak laugh.


-You do. Your lips, your eyes, your eyebrows. You really seem to be in heaven, so beautiful and lost –she added, kissing him slowly.

He kissed her back, hugging her to him, feeling her every cell reach out to him. It was wrong. He could not be using her like that. Not that she seemed to mind…

-I believe it’s time for you to go back to your photo shoot now –she said, pulling away slightly to put her dress on.

-If I can walk –he chuckled, pulling his jeans closer.

-Just think of me when they ask you to look sexy –she giggled, walking to her kitchen.

He smirked, dressing alone in her room while she was busy with some dishes in the kitchen. When he finished, he stood and waited for her to reappear, but she didn’t.

-I’ll go then –he said, feeling stupid.

-Go then –she replied, and he heard her laugh. –Relax, Josh. Just keep it at that, will you? I’m busy, so please let yourself out and… come visit me any time.

He nodded while walking out.

Keep it at what?

He was not sure he was ready to have an affair.

(To be continued-LOL)