You’re my mirror (3)

There was no photoshoot, but he felt he was exploding. If he couldn’t lose himself in the warmth of a woman he would lose his mind. Too much work and too little rest had made him a little grumpy lately. Why that note and why not the other, when it sounded much better like that. Why only two shows in Atlanta, why a bluish album cover again, why this, why that. He needed to vent, he needed to complain to someone, and for some reason, a stranger (or almost) seemed more suitable for the job than anyone from his crew or family. He just saw them too often; right now, he needed to interact with someone whose not every gesture looked familiar to him.

And so, he disappeared from the recording studio with the pretext of wanting to get some fresh air.

Flying up the stairs, he arrived at Louise’s door out of breath, knocking without a moment’s hesitation. There was no response for a few seconds, and his hand lifted to hit the door once again, but it opened before his knuckles could reach the brown surface.

-Josh. Hi –Louise said, dressed in a gown that she was pulling together at her neck. Judging from her breathing, and from the unmistakably human noises reaching his ear from behind her, she had been… busy inside, and Josh had to stop his face from falling.

-Hi. Sorry about the timing –he smiled, or rather, grinned.

-Not at all, Jim was just leaving… –she looked behind her shoulder. The door opened and a man in his thirties stepped out, well-dressed, well-combed and smiling benevolently. Josh nodded out of politeness and bit his lip, listening to the stranger walk away, take the elevator and then get out on the ground floor.

Only when the entrance door shut did he look at Louise again.

-Yeah… I’ll be going, too –he said only to say something.

-Come on, I know you wanna come in –she smiled and took his hand to pull him inside.

He had unresolved arguments battling fiercely in his brain, and he stood in the hallway while she disappeared behind her bedroom door, to emerge a minute later dressed in her torn, paint-stained jeans and a loose shirt.

-How’s the photoshoot going this time? –she smiled agreeably, handing him a glass of lemonade.

He took it and held it, taking a few steps inside the living-room.

-I’ll be lucky to have it finished by seven –he said, blinking and wondering why he felt compelled to lie to her.

She looked at him for a moment, then her apparent surprise dissolved and she smiled relaxedly.

-Everything ends sooner or later… even the bad things- and with that, she sat down in her armchair, pulling her legs up. –Sit. What’s wrong with you, Josh? You seem so… distracted.

He shrugged.

-Work… too much of it. I love what I do… but sometimes all I want is to shut the door and disappear –he eased up, sitting down in his usual place.

-Well, you’re off the map now –she told him, brushing her hair back, shifting in her seat. –Talk.

His eyebrows lifted and he smiled.

-Not sure I want to talk… –he said slowly, then, seeing her grin, he quickly added. –No, gees, I… I didn’t mean that. What I meant was… I just wanted to be here… for a while.

Her smile grew fond and the expression in her eyes almost made him lose it. So much tenderness, out of nowhere. He suddenly had a suspicion and had to bite his lip, as the question almost slipped out.

-I don’t… remember exactly, do you have a steady job? –he asked, cursing himself right after.

She laughed and her head fell back, then her eyes met his again. She seemed surprised, but not unpleasantly.

-I like to say I’m an artist –she replied more seriously, crossing her legs. From the way she folded her arms, he guessed she was being slightly defensive, rightfully so.

-That’s lovely –he nodded, feeling like a moron. Every time, every single time, he had to pretend, he had to grovel, to hint, and she was playing, too. Two characters in a modern drama, much conflict left unresolved, much left unsaid, much left undone. No possible happy ending.

-Okay, Josh. Pay attention, and do it well –Louise said, slowly leaning forward, scathing his suddenly burning cheeks with her glance. –I already told you… I am not looking for a steady relationship. I was screwed over one time too many, and the only thing left for me to believe in is my art… and sex.

Josh listened and wondered why, despite her apparent strength, he thought he discerned a distant plea behind her words.

-Also, before you jump to hasty conclusions, I’m not a pro –she added, easing back into the armchair, resting her two arms on the sides. –Jim is a friend. Just a friend.

-I’m intrigued by your definition of friendship –Josh muttered, half shocked, half sarcastic.

-Be my guest –she said slowly, looking into his eyes. Her brown hair fell into them as she tilted her head slightly. –I only told you to let you know, again, that I can be here… if you want sex. I can be a friend. I don’t want more, hence, you have no right to act like a jealous kid.

That hurt a great deal and he found himself look aside, his cheeks burning.

-Now you’ll say, you’re not jealous, and you’re not a kid, either –she pressed on. –See, I know your type, Josh… Very nice, very sweet, and even smart… most girls would kill for someone like you. But I have seen many boys like you grow up into puffed-up, arrogant bastards who only care about things that are completely unimportant.

-Maybe I will be all that –he replied, lifting his glance to meet hers with difficulty. –Who’s to say what will happen? Are you certain I’ll turn into an arrogant dickhead? How can you be so sure about the future of someone you hardly even know?

She shrugged.

-Point. I can’t be certain, but the pattern is sure there… why would you be an exception?

-I don’t know, why would I be? –he shrugged, too. –Perhaps because I’m a genuinely nice person who never wants to change.

She smiled and propped her head on her right hand, leaning into the armchair, her hair falling lazily.

-That’s so sweet of you… but show me one person who doesn’t change and I’ll eat my jeans.

-You can start eating them now, because I have no intention of changing –he replied obstinately.

-Okay. Okay –she said, mostly to placate him. He saw the indulgent look in her eyes and that infuriated him even more.

-I don’t need this shit –he stood up. –Not now. Thanks for the sermon.

He was walking for the door but she already was beside him and then stood in his way.

-Don’t go, Joshua –she said, pressing her delicate palms to his chest, gently pushing him back. –I’m sorry for what I said… I might be completely wrong. Sorry… I told you not to jump to conclusions and then I did just that.

He swallowed and tried to enjoy the feel of her palms pressed to his chest, but anger was still blinding him.

-I’m sorry –she smiled, biting her lip. –Okay? Please.

He exhaled and her scent, of familiar orange and cinnamon travelled to his nostrils, fuelling his desire. What was he doing, standing there, fighting with her? She was probably right, anyway. Sometimes he did feel he was turning into an arrogant dickhead…

His arms went around her body and he squeezed her to him, only to smell her in. Closing his eyes, he allowed her scents to fill his lungs, not caring if she thought he was pushing the limits of her so-called friendship or not.

-I’m sorry, too –he mumbled, listening to his heartbeat, enjoying the way she was slowly stirring in his arms. –Work is hell these days and I’m obviously not made for taking pressure…

-I checked your schedule, no wonder you’re edgy –she replied, encircling his waist with her arms.

-You what?

-On your message board. Why? It’s no secret –she shrugged and smiled at him.

-Please don’t become a fan –he smirked. –I have enough of those…

-And all of them want a piece of you –she grinned. –I read into some topics… oh man. They mean serious business!

-Not as much as I do –he replied, searching her eyes. Then, he swallowed. –I’m sorry, I… I had to see you, Louise. I need you badly.

She smiled and took his face into her hands.

-I know you do, silly boy… and if you barge in the next time and just… take me, I won’t mind, either. I like you a lot.

-Then enjoy me while you can because I might become your hateful Mr Dick Arrogant one day –he grinned.

Her laughter filled his ears and she stepped closer to him.

-My real name is Frances. Call me Fran, okay? And just for your information, I went past the studio today and there was no photoshoot at all –she said, sticking her tongue out.

-Fran…? But your name on the door…

-Yeah yeah, I know. Long story, forget it.

-You’re right, no time for long stories now… –he breathed and did what he had been dying to do for the past ten days, since the last time he saw her.

She let him devour her lips as she slowly walked backwards, pulling him after her. He didn’t care where she was taking him, his brain was focused on her so much, her full lips and the buttocks that tensed under his hands as she moved. He felt her hands work on his shirt, impatiently unbuttoning while pulling him steadily after her.

When she tore her lips away, he opened his eyes. They were inside her bedroom, sheets crumpled, curtains half pulled only, a window open, but the unmistakable odour of consumed love still lingering. His mind connected things and he realized she must have laid with Jim, not longer than half an hour before. In the same bed.

-Oh my god, Lou… Fran. I have to ask… I have to know.

-Why do you want to know? –she asked back patiently, taking her T-shirt off, revealing full breasts with hard nipples that invited his hands immediately. He obliged and she felt so perfect in his hands.

-Because I’m like that –he said, stepping closer, squeezing her to him and sliding a hand between her jeans and her bum. –Why…? I mean, how many… friends do you have? Are you… are you a…

-I don’t know why –she whispered, panting as he brought his hand to her front and pushed his hand lower, right into her wetness. –I don’t know how many… not counting –she giggled feebly, moaning as he was rubbing her. –And I’m not sick or something… and not a nympho… I think.

-But you call them all your friends –he insisted, watching her face as her pupils diluted at his touch.

-Will you stop, I’m begging you –she smirked, pulling his hand out and unzipping his jeans. –I know you want me, and if you don’t take me right now, I’ll finish without you.

He grinned and threw her on the bed. She fell with a deep laugh and after undoing her jeans, he pulled them off, leaving her completely naked. He was so impatient he hardly had the sanity to kick his own pants off, and he basically fell on her, not bothering to take it slow as she seemed to await him eagerly, too. He gave her a deep, hard kiss, and when he felt her hand on his member, he moaned and pulled her hands away and over her head, clasping her fingers with his and pressing them into the softness of her pillow. She gasped as he took control and opened her legs to allow him free entrance.

He filled her completely, breathless by the feeling of arriving home, drinking in the safety and warmth of their connection, relishing her wide eyes and hot breath as his hips pushed deeper inside her repeatedly. It was warm, it was luscious, it was heavenly. She felt helpless, yet eager to please him and he had a hard time containing himself. Letting go of her hands, he took her face between his palms and kissed her, and he didn’t know how, or when, but his wish to reach the peaks of delight turned into a wish to give her pleasure. He wondered if he should slow down, but there was no need: she closed her eyes and he sealed her lips with a kiss to drink in her moan of satisfaction, then tensed for a moment on the height of blissful heat, and released himself into her.

Floating, he eased himself on her, throbbing in her warmth, hearing her broken breaths in his ear.

-Feeling… any better now? –she muttered, gently pushing him off to be able to breathe.

-Much –he replied, then cleared his throat.

-Good –she whispered, curling onto her side, putting an arm under her head.

He stayed on his back, steadying his heart and his breathing, one hand under his head, the other one on his chest. He didn’t care about anything… he was so content with the moment.

Only one thing bothered him and he decided to ask her, but when he turned to face her, she was fast asleep. Her lips, swollen from his kisses, her breasts, firm and round on each other as she lay on her side, her graceful elbow as her arm broke in front of her body were all the kind of beauty that had always made him breathless.

So he lay on his side and watched her sleep, breathing in, and out, focusing on the moment.

(To be continued! :D)