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I cannot believe it! I have been waiting for this for… well, for over six years!




*vigyorog és ugrál örömében*


Smile, though your heart is aching

Smile, even though it’s breaking

When there are clouds in the sky

You’ll get by…

If you smile

With your fear and sorrow

Smile and maybe tomorrow

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just…

Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness

Although a tear may be ever so near

That’s the time you must keep on trying

Smile, what’s the use of crying

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just…

Smile, though your heart is aching

Smile, even though it’s breaking

When there are clouds in the sky

You’ll get by…

If you smile

Through your fear and sorrow

Smile and maybe tomorrow

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just smile…

That’s the time you must keep on trying

Smile, what’s the use of crying

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just smile

This is the first time…

It’s past 3 am, my ears hurt from the headphones, I have been playing these songs over and over again, who knows how many times.

This is the first time…that I feel like my life would end if I stopped listening to someone sing.

Voice of an angel

I was, literally, touched by an angel, a few days ago, when I heard a heart-gripping melody on TV; then yesterday I heard it again, and I had to check the title, performer, date. Now, listening to this guy’s third album, I struggle for words, which is no news, except that I struggle even more than usually. This must be God speaking. There is no other explanation. He speaks to me, to us, to everyone who hears this, or heard this some time ago, or will hear this, somewhere in time. Or can it be, after all, that it’s the singer not the song…? Who is this guy? How can there be anything bad in the world, when he had sung so many times? I have been one constant goosebump for the eleventh song now, and I suspect this is not a fleeting impression.

Angels do not come about by accident.

He is Josh Groban.



Nem is értem, miért vagyok képes órákon át bámulni ezt a szájat, ezeket a szemeket. De tényleg.
Az lenne a tuti, ha üresfejű, ostoba, paraszt bunkó nőcsábász szemét dög bújkálna a szép külső mögött.
Na de, hányszor válhat valóra az ember álma?! Megtaláltam életem szerelmét. Két közös fényképem van Zsenyával. Ez eddig már kettő. Szóval, a nagy büdös igazság az, hogy Wentworth Miller, a legnagyobb sajnálatomra, se nem meleg, se nem ostoba, se nem szemét, se nem pénzsóvár sztárocska. Ez van, ezzel a keserű tudattal kell élnem… *sóhaj* read more »


Ennyit a szépségről… egy óra alatt sikerült ezt elérnem. Szerettem volna látni, én fekerülhetnék-e egy magazin címlapjára 🙂 Különösen előnytelen képet szedtem elő magamról, pár órás alvás után, karikás szemekkel, nyúzottan, na. 😀 Nem semmi ez a photoshop… első próbálkozásom képretusálás irányába:

Beauty…? Or not…? Anyone can look beautiful… it’s just a question of make-up and/or photoshop. My first try at photo retouching. The result:



Egyszer jól megropogtatnám ezt az úriembert…

I would really like to lay my hands on this gentleman. Only once. 😀

Hugh Laurie background 2


Keane frontKeane januaryKeane februaryKeane marchKeane aprilKeane mayKeane june
Keane julyKeane augustKeane septemberKeane octoberKeane novemberKeane december

Londonban jártunk, amikor először láttam ezeket az arcokat, kiplakátolva szerte a városban. Gondoltam, egy újabb zenekar, amit le akarnak nyomni a torkunkon. Aztán az MTV-n láttam néhány klippet, és amikor legközelebb Angliába mentünk, megvettem a Hopes and Fears-t. Nagyjából egy évig leállás nélkül ezt hallgattam, és mai napig az egyik legklasszabb lemez, ami a birtokomban van! read more »


Mr Hugh Laurie, who has no idea why women like him. *snorts*

Egy aprócska Hugh Laurie képecske. A pasi mai napig nem érti, mit esznek rajta a nők. (Pedig intelligensnek tűnik…)

Hugh 1


Hugh Laurie won his second Golden Globe for House!!!! YAY!!!!! Go Hugh!
He would deserve one every year, as far as I’m concerned…
Now eveyrthing is right in the world. *beaming*
House and Hugh rock!!!! 😀

Love of the beholder

eye of the beholder

The Eye is a lonely detective. He gets the task of following a young upstart to check if he is stealing from his rich father, and he is witness to the boy’s sudden killing. The killer is a beautiful woman.

Thus begins the journey of two lost souls toward finding themselves and each other. read more »

The Sundance Kid

redford-mail.jpgRedford 1Redford 3

My dad would be exactly his age, if he was alive. I always kept count of their ages together; in fact, I knew how old Bob was first, and only then, my dad’s age.

Robert Redford was probably my very first celebrity favourite; I remember my aunt Babu taking me to the movies, to see Barefoot in the park in Marosvásárhely, Romania. I was about eight, or nine; we had some slushy ice-cream with the flavour of pistaches, and drank some Coke, which at that time tasted magnificent- it still had the taste, I assume. The movie was great fun even for a little kid. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and Bob would be engraved in my memories forever. read more »

Wings of an angel

Sarah McLachlan

In my hand I am holding Sarah McLachlan’s latest jewel, the complete and updated Mirrorball live CD. It not only looks like a perfect gem, it also sounds like one, like everything else we have heard from her. So far, I am absolutely in love with “I will not forget you”, but the rest is also absolutely beautiful. read more »

Még több Plushenko!

A folytatás.
Ok, rendben, tudom. Nem szép tőlem, hogy szegény Zsenyát összehozom minden élő jópasival! De nem bírok ellenállni…

Some more Plushenko backgrounds! 🙂 I know, it’s not nice of me to put him there with all the sexiest men alive 🙂 but I can’t help myself!!!

Plushenko 11Plushenko 12Plushenko 13Plushenko 14Plushenko 15Plushenko 16Plushenko 17Plushenko 18Plushenko 19Plushenko 20


Jevgenyij Pljuscsenko, orosz műkorcsolyázó. Mára elég sokan ismerhetik a nevét, hiszen olimpiai bajnok lett idén 2006-ban. Ez persze csak a világ szemében teszi őt naggyá- az én szememben attól nagy, hogy amióta megismertem, folyamatosan változik az életem. Miatta, az érzések miatt, amiket kihoz belőlem, azok miatt, akiket általa megismerhettem. De róla esetleg majd máskor. Most csak szerettem volna összegyűjteni a kedvenc háttereimet, amiket összehoztam az évek során róla, vele kapcsolatban.

Some backgrounds I created over the years, inspired by the magnificent Evgeni Plushenko.

Plushenko 1Plushenko 2Plushenko 3Plushenko 4Plushenko 5Plushenko 6Plushenko 7Plushenko 8Plushenko 9Plushenko 10

Fiction of the 20th century women writers in Canada

My friend Gitta (check her site dedicated to Anne, reminded me that in two days’ time it will be Lucy-Maud Montgomery’s birthday; she gave us Anne of Green Gables among other things, which is one of my favourite novels ever, so I thought I would dig up my old final exam papers I had to compile in university, and below is what I found to be relevant.


In order to understand the 20th century women writers, a journey into the past in essential. The presence of the Canadian lady has always been felt in literary life. Frances Brooke and Rosanna Leprohon wrote French-English romances in Québéc; Pauline Johnson and Isabella Valancy Crawford depicted their Indian experiences in their poetry; and Susannah Moodie’s and Sara Jeannette Duncan’s novels were the Canadian response to American presence. read more »


Anyone even remotely interested in Adobe Photoshop and its doings, should be aware of this website:

The most amazing PS brushes are available to download, for free, which is a wonder in itself, considering the exquisite artistry this lady has poured into her brushes. I owe her some of my best backgrounds, as it is incredibly easy to create something beautiful by simply using her brushes on an empty canvas. Annika, I am telling about your wonderful website to everyone alive and kicking. I have brushes enough to last me a lifetime, but… are you going to create any more soon? Please? 🙂


A legend is gone

Robert Altman passed away at the age of 81. I had no idea he was that old… of course, I had never checked his filmography as a whole. It goes on almost forever on imdb, and out of the endless number of movies he’d directed, I have only seen a few. read more »

Újabb hátterek…

Az elmúlt néhány hetemet 85%-ban a Prison break jellemezte 😀 készült is pár háttér, amikkel itt-ott boldogítottam a különböző fórumokat… most végre ide feltehetem őket, egy kupacba. 🙂 Szabadon elvihetőek, de hálás lennék egy linkelésért 🙂 Köszi!

I created a few Prison break backgrounds over the past few weeks… feel free to snatch, just credit please, if possible 🙂 Thanks!


Nothing changes

Gregory House… one of the most intriguing TV show characters, played by the amazing Hugh Laurie. He inspired me more than once. This was my first fanfic on the subject.

Nothing changes

He sat in the gloominess of his floodlit parlour, sipping hot coffee, wondering at the irony of the word, given his own circumstances. The last time anyone sat and talked to him in the room was on Christmas Eve. Wilson had come over to keep him company, out of sheer pity, or maybe because of his own emotional problems. Well, that’s what friends are for. In need, indeed. Rain was pouring down on the annoyingly clean windowpanes. Sally came regularly, every week, or fortnight, depending on his mood. Sometimes he just didn’t care, he let the dirt grow over him, like tendrils of memory, pulling him down, pulling him back into the past. But most often he liked law and order persisting in his home. Unless he had to do something about it. Then he just limped to his mistress, the white-lipped, cooing microwave, and exerted scorching coffee out of her. read more »