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Walk by the sea (68)

She broke down as soon as she lost him from her sight, and from then on, the evening went by in a state of stupour occasionally shattered by uninvited moments of clarity. They were as painful as that cloud of certainty looming above it all. Nothing she could do would ever bring him back. He was lost to the darkness forever, and it was her fault. read more »

A zongora (2)

Nem érezte túl fényesen magát a kivételesen hosszúnak tűnő hetet követően; másodállásban egy dúsgazdag üzletember party-kívánságait igyekezett kielégíteni, aki szerint egy kisebb családi vacsora háromszáz meghívottat és egy élő zenekart foglalt magába. read more »

Avalanche (30-31)


Early morning found Kathleen sitting at her desk, hunched over a contract she was supposed to hand in, revised and updated, two days earlier. She knew Abbey would always let her off easy, whatever she did, but she hated to take advantage of her friend’s generosity. read more »

At first sight (8-9)

Chapter 8

He couldn’t believe he was where he was. In the middle of the night, acting like a lunatic to return to a place he never would have dreamed of even going to in the first place. But that was before Chris corrupted him, and before he saw Aimée. read more »

A zongora

Szóval ez a válaszom arra a sok üres, tartalomtól mentes, érzéstelen és jéghideg szöszenetre, melyre ráfogják, hogy erotikus írás. Kiborított, mennyire nem érdekli az embereket a testiség mögötti érzelem, és bebizonyítottam, hogy márpedig a kettő együtt jár. Nálam legalábbis. read more »

A walk by the sea (58)

I believe, this was the deepest she could have gone.
If she went any further, she would not be alive now!!!
I know you’re all impatient to see how the story will go, but I needed to write this chapter. Short but important one.
I won’t say enjoy… but endure! Stuff to happen shortly, promise!
*hug* read more »

Avalanche (29)

It was late, and it was dark. And it was lonely in the flat, her only possession. Past midnight, tossing sleeplessly on her crumpled sheet. read more »

Lost and found (9)

The next Monday there was an unexpected rush of December sunshine that made the world look a much happier place than it actually was. read more »

At first sight (7)

The air was mellow and lights flickered all around him, making him alert and eager to see the unseen. He was almost happy Chris was back in the hotel: it felt right to be alone, though he didn’t exactly know why. He walked at a slow pace, gazing at the buildings, taking in the details, smelling in the fumes of cars, the tepid warmth lingering after a stifling summer day, and wild whiffs of striking perfume at odd moments, whenever a lady of the night went past him. read more »

You’re my mirror (3)

There was no photoshoot, but he felt he was exploding. If he couldn’t lose himself in the warmth of a woman he would lose his mind. Too much work and too little rest had made him a little grumpy lately. Why that note and why not the other, when it sounded much better like that. Why only two shows in Atlanta, why a bluish album cover again, why this, why that. He needed to vent, he needed to complain to someone, and for some reason, a stranger (or almost) seemed more suitable for the job than anyone from his crew or family. He just saw them too often; right now, he needed to interact with someone whose not every gesture looked familiar to him. read more »

Lost and found (1-8)

1 .

Standing in front of the judge, he felt shame and anger burn heavy on his shoulders. The court room was jampacked, but the silence grew thick and deadly. He could hear the thoughts, his, theirs, angry and deceived, sad and demanding. He felt ashamed, he felt indignant, he felt used, and terribly lonely amidst all those people. read more »

At first sight (1-6)


The Champs-Élyseés was, and would forever be, an endless source of excitement and frenzy for locals and visitors alike. Just as Picaddilly Circus and its close vicinity in London, or the Nevskiy Boulevard in St Petersburgh, the main artery of Paris was the Champs-Élysées. read more »

A walk by the sea (45-50)

(Part II)


Deep into the water, deep into the dark, deep into the water, deep into the dark, the words repeated themselves in her mind under a starless night sky by the sea. Sitting on a cliff, letting time go, letting everything go, envelopped by a cold wind and the darkness of the lonely night. read more »

A walk by the sea (41-44)


Despite having laid in her bed for almost a whole day, sleeping fitfully, chasing herself in her dreams, waking up to a moonless sky and a thunderous night, then drifting back to sleep, Mary got up in a stupour. read more »

A walk by the sea (31-40)


She awoke in the night, disturbed by strange dreams of longing and solitude. She was chased, or she was screaming without a sound in the middle of an endless desert, or sitting on the seaside all alone. read more »

A walk by the sea (21-30)


-A few years ago, I was a popular person -Joshua said slowly, stroking the cat’s smiling face. He was looking at the animal as if hypnotised by it; Mary knew he needed to focus on something completely irrelevant to be able to speak about his past. read more »

A walk by the sea (11-20)


The sunset was dark and gloomy, half covered by grey and ominous clouds. She stared into the orange speck of sun, standing in her window, taking deep breaths from the heavy, rain-soaked air. read more »

A walk by the sea (1-10)


The woman stood outside her cottage, gazing at the angry skies above her. All the hues and tints of blue were present, painting the perfect canvas of a stormy summer afternoon. read more »

Avalanche (22-28)


It could not be happening.

-No way -he mumbled, backing away from the snow to warm up a bit. -No fu*king way.

There was no Kat, alive or dead, at the end of the rope, only a heavy branch tied securely. Tied. She tied a log to the rope instead of herself. She tricked him to believe that she was hurt, while in fact, she basically- read more »

Avalanche (15-21)


She knew the kiss was meant to calm her down. She saw it on his face, the slightly downcast profile, the furrowed skin above his brow, the hand that rested on his thigh, and the other, on the table. He was feeling regret for having done it, and remorse for having given her hope. It was clear as lightning and her momentary euphoria dissipated as quickly as it came. read more »