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The Fall

As he sang, they listened to him with utmost reverence. Their faces shone in the mild orange of the setting sun, their hands clasped together unbeknowst to themselves, standing there huddled together, small and insignificant as lost sheep looking for their shepherd. They had never heard anything as beautiful before, and tears of fearful joy rolled down their cheeks as his voice reached the highest pitches of pure passion. Behind his closed lids some of them saw the One reflected in his dark pupils; his hand was unconsciously reaching for Him, clinging to His guidance and wisdom, scared that he would do something wrong in His name, wanting with his every pure cell to transmit all the bliss and perfection he was bestowed upon. Others saw their long lost children, brothers, fathers, husbands and lovers in the crystal pool of his eyes, and weeping of happiness they held out their hands to meet their lost ones once more. read more »