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Avalanche (30-31)


Early morning found Kathleen sitting at her desk, hunched over a contract she was supposed to hand in, revised and updated, two days earlier. She knew Abbey would always let her off easy, whatever she did, but she hated to take advantage of her friend’s generosity. read more »

Avalanche (29)

It was late, and it was dark. And it was lonely in the flat, her only possession. Past midnight, tossing sleeplessly on her crumpled sheet. read more »

Avalanche (22-28)


It could not be happening.

-No way -he mumbled, backing away from the snow to warm up a bit. -No fu*king way.

There was no Kat, alive or dead, at the end of the rope, only a heavy branch tied securely. Tied. She tied a log to the rope instead of herself. She tricked him to believe that she was hurt, while in fact, she basically- read more »

Avalanche (15-21)


She knew the kiss was meant to calm her down. She saw it on his face, the slightly downcast profile, the furrowed skin above his brow, the hand that rested on his thigh, and the other, on the table. He was feeling regret for having done it, and remorse for having given her hope. It was clear as lightning and her momentary euphoria dissipated as quickly as it came. read more »

Avalanche (8-14)


She stared into space with his foot in her hand, and he watched her face. She was so unaware of where she was- it was like something had jerked her out of reality to take her to the place of memories, or dreams, he was not sure which. He pulled the healthy leg under himself, careful not to break the spell she was in. He enjoyed having his foot warmed up like that, and he loved the silence that enveloped them, for some reason. He, the superstar, always on the move, always surrounded by dozens, hundreds, thousands, he, the one who hardly ever had a minute’s silent rest- cut off from the world there was nothing else to do but enjoy the silence. read more »

Avalanche (1-7)

Fanfic. Main character is… well, you will see.
This is the first story I decided to bring over from a message board where fanfics started to be… redundant.
Love, don’t read. Not worth YOUR time LOL. But we girls r heffing SOOO muuuuuuuuch fuuuuuuuuun. *giggle*


-I’ll take the short cut, Chris! See you at th-

These were the last words he yelled before he lost his balance on the skis and tumbled ahead onto the endless slope on his right. He fell and fell, sliding on the immaculate snowfield, losing his left ski first, then his right one, feeling panic take hold of him, trying to cry out for help but unable to. His ankle hurt, and he was still falling, and then he hit his head and blanked out.


Warmth welcomed him back and a strange, subdued light. He heard noises next to him; trying to open his eyes, he stirred slightly, feeling a sharp pain in his left ankle. He moaned painfully and blinked to chase the blurriness of his vision. read more »