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Használj engem

Egy ideje, személyes okokból kifolyólag nem írok fanfiction műfajú dolgokat, legalábbis olyanokat nem, melyek valós életbeli hírességekkel foglalkoznak. Viszont időnként a regényemtől muszáj elrugaszkodnom, egy kicsit kiszellőztetnem a fejem; amikor ennek ellenére is írhatnékom van, gyakorlásképpen szeretek könnyedebb témákban mozogni, és mivel sok kedvenc sorozatom van, szeretek kiragadni onnan egy-egy szituációt vagy szereplőt és köréjük építeni valamit, amit mondjuk hiányoltam az eredeti sorozatból. Konkrétan ez a darab leültetett egy nap este nyolckor és éjjel egyig nem engedett felállnom az asztaltól, folyamatosan írtam, gépeltem, amíg le nem írtam. És akkor végre békén hagyott. Pár napja pedig felfedeztem egy két éve gyártott hátteremet, ami szó szerint erről az írásról szól, és fordítva. Nem tudatosan történt, egyik sem ihlette a másikat, viszont valószínűleg ilyen régóta bennem motoszkál a téma. Ennyi.
Ezt a te kedvedért fordítom le az eredeti angolból, Katám. Nem mondom, hogy nem lesz élvezetes munka még egyszer végigmenni rajta, szóval azért ne érezz lelkifurdalást… hehe. read more »


This is it, this is as long as I managed to keep from writing about these two. I will try to take the feelings these stories evoke in me with sanity and reason and not cause too much havoc over at Grobania with my silly self-analysis.

Fic to be read by mature readers! Enjoy…

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The Piano II.

Smutfic. Above 18 or whatever. Make sure to have uhm a guy next to you for after. Or, an iceberg!!!


-Sophia! Hey, Sophia!

[author’s note: that got you jittery, eh, Sophia? LOL!]

She woke from her dream with a start at the shrill voice of some guy yelling after someone outside her office. She heard trampling and then laughter, and then silence. She imagined the two human bodies meet and open and embrace and unite. She wanted to see them, she wanted to be part of their happiness. She wanted to be in the arms of someone. read more »

The studio

Another adult-oriented fic: don’t read if you’re shocked by sexuality. If you like it though, treat yourself. LOL.

Just what were they thinking, she would never figure out: they were throwing the extremely expensive salmon-on-rye sandwiches at each other, like stupid teenagers. Well, some of them were just that, invited because of very distant relations to certain popular items also present. She stared in disbelief, making wild calculations in her mind about the approximate amount of money they were wasting every minute, and the staggering quantities of plainer, but perhaps healthier, and most definitely more crucial food that might have been purchased with that money and sent to poor countries. Damn these stupid parties, she cursed under her breath, fuming and walking around the drinks area. She desperately wanted a drink, but she knew she was not allowed. read more »

The hand that rocked the…

Another luscious fic, only for mature readers (or young ones who want to read something they should not LOL). Enjoy…

The hand that rocked the…

The week had been extremely long, longer than an average week. She had worked extra time and setting up parties for her other employer, a rich businessman whose idea of a small family dinner meant three hundred people and a live band. Luckily for her, things in Josh-land as her best friend Su liked to call it had been really quiet, so no one noticed if she left an hour or two earlier every day. read more »

The piano

Here it is, people… I am so spent. Love, please hurry home, I am so in need of you now!!! (Uhm, if you want, you can read this, but uhm, perhaps you shouldn’t, or perhaps you should. Well, she girl in the story is not me, so… It’s just smut. Delicious, emotional, top quality smut, no obscenities though… I needed to put emotion into it; without emotion it doesn’t work for me.)

Uhm, if you’re not over 18, I’m not responsible. LOL!

The Piano

She had been watching him for a long time. She had been watching him ever since she started working for him, and that was several months now. Of course she knew who he was before she applied for the job. She probably heard him sing already when he appeared on the stage of music industry; he was a mere fledgling of a man back then, thin, shy, and very sweet to the camera. She remembered what a sensation he had made; critics and audiences were in awe at his voice. Some things never change, she pondered, as she checked the lists of menus she had ordered for the weekly pow-wow with the executives, producers, and the rest of the bigshots. Josh’s voice, stronger and more mature than it used to be, still held everyone in awe. She was not a real fan, but she appreciated his talent and of course the money he was paying her. read more »