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A walk by the sea (73)

-In the charges of contract breach and violation, the jury rules in favour of the plaintiff, with a penalty fee fixed at thirty thousand dollars to be paid by plaintiff within twenty days. The defendant is hereby ruled to relinquish all rights over the property of the plaintiff, including all non-material property such as composed music. read more »

A walk by the sea (72)

Lindy closed the door behind her without a sound. Her older son was fast asleep in his old bed, the one he had grown up in. read more »

A walk by the sea (71)

Dragging her feet over cold, barren soil that led in the form of a narrow path to the small church, Mary followed the calling of something more powerful than her conscience into the tiny building that was warmed by a mere few heaters placed around the altar, and lit by a few dozens of candles, tokens of zealous gratitude by the newly found reverence of the citizens of Bodeford. read more »

A walk by the sea (70)

The letter lay unopened on his night-stand where he had put it a week before. He had gone to bed that night with a turmoil in his heart he was shocked to experience at the sight of a mere envelope in which hid a few words from her, with all probability words of apology and regret, or a token of her continual friendship in the shape of ink on paper. read more »

A walk by the sea (60)

Oh my god. I had a completely different plot but something happened and triggered this- this whole new set of events and I am just as excited as hopefully you guys. LOL. read more »

A walk by the sea (33)

They stepped into the house at the same time; he turned to her apologetically, but she only squeezed his hand. She could not say that she loved the unison between them, the fact that he was by her side, that they were one, together, in that moment. She was unable to speak.

She had a myriad of thoughts circling in her brain, all of which were connected to Joshua. She was still on the verge of mistrust and disbelief: how could she possibly accept the fact that he- that he loved her? That he wanted her? How was it decided by the gods, or heavens, or fate, who received joy, and who received pain? She had had her share of pain, but everything faded into oblivion when he made her face him, look into his eyes, and kiss him. read more »