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The gift

She looked around her in the ocean of shining faces and bright eyes, all turned towards him, the lithe and gentle one, the one spreading love. He sang, and soothed, and made everyone happy. He gave and asked for nothing in return; he was content with seeing their smiles, stretched onto eternal bliss, and their hands, clasped into everlasting brotherhood. It was all he ever asked for, to be able to make them happy.

She saw he had everything. She understood that he was all that ever existed, pain and sorrow, anger and compassion, end and beginning. He needed nothing from anyone, as he was a never ebbing stream of life, a warm avalanche of emotions he was freely bestowing upon each and every one of them. He saw them all as one, he saw them all equal. He bowed to help them reach him, he smiled to dispel their sadness and ease their inborn fears. Life was weighing them down, the ghosts of their past and those of their never-to-come-true future and those of their empty-handed present. He made them all feel special, he made them all believe in themselves, in the little they were and the less they would become as age would infiltrate their whole existence. read more »