Wings of an angel

Sarah McLachlan

In my hand I am holding Sarah McLachlan’s latest jewel, the complete and updated Mirrorball live CD. It not only looks like a perfect gem, it also sounds like one, like everything else we have heard from her. So far, I am absolutely in love with “I will not forget you”, but the rest is also absolutely beautiful.

I was watching City of angels in the theatre, when she is awake in her bedroom at night, and he is all around her, the angel that he is, invisible, but felt. Sarah’s Angel was playing- it fitted the scene, the mood, everything. It took me a few days only to locate Surfacing, and to this day it is my favourite Sarah album. It is so raw and passionate and yet soft as a lover’s kiss; it always tells me more than the previous time, even though I must have heard it like a million times. Her lyrics are so exquisite and emotional; no use trying to find the best lines, because all of her lines are wonderful. The CD cover and the booklet inside has been a constant source of wonder for me over the years: they are a perfect work of art, I just can’t stop staring at them. Just like Mirrorball, that CD is perfect, inside and outside.

Today I found out Sarah was born three days after me, only ten years earlier. I don’t know why I’m not surprised she’s also an Aquarius. She always takes me some place higher and more beautiful and more inspiring than this world; listening to her lyrics I have made up whole stories in my head, I have understood myself and others more. Corny as it may sound, she has been a constant inspiration for me. It is one of my biggest dreams to see her live in concert- alas, she doesn’t seem to budge out of North-America too often. But one day, one day. I love you, Sarah!