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What happened to the big laughs we used to have at most of the Eurovision songs? I remember, only a few years ago, we watched the show for entertainment, mostly, to get good laughs. There were only a few good songs back then. Today the situation changed… maybe because of the musical jury each country has, that provides half the votes, maybe because Europe realized that instead of making us ashamed with kitsch and ridiulous pomp, it is time to boast the national differences in a good, tasteful way.

Last year, Russian Dima Bilan won with his catchy, dramatic, and in my personal opinion, beautiful Believe. No, the reason I like the song is not Evgeni Plushenko‘s presence… although he does add a lot to the performance, in fact, some say it was he who won the Eurovision contest. LOL. (As a Hungarian, I am also proud that Edvin Marton played the violin!) Watch this, and admit that you liked it. I’m still having goosebumps!

This year a Norwegian, Alexander Rybak won with his similarly catchy, but very different Fairytale. Without a doubt, he was one of the most original contestants, I liked his song already in the semi-final, and I agree with whoever said during the voting part that he was the cutest guy that evening… He has a face to light up the stars! Watch, and smile with him! (Btw, goosebumps again! The infallible proof of a good song!) And note the presence of the violin, again… can we see the pattern? *wink*