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Miért szép?

Mert szépnek látom.

Szépnek látok mindent és mindenkit most… annyi, de annyi minden lezajlott bennem az elmúlt időszakban, hogy képtelenség lenne mindent leírni. read more »

You’re my mirror (3)

There was no photoshoot, but he felt he was exploding. If he couldn’t lose himself in the warmth of a woman he would lose his mind. Too much work and too little rest had made him a little grumpy lately. Why that note and why not the other, when it sounded much better like that. Why only two shows in Atlanta, why a bluish album cover again, why this, why that. He needed to vent, he needed to complain to someone, and for some reason, a stranger (or almost) seemed more suitable for the job than anyone from his crew or family. He just saw them too often; right now, he needed to interact with someone whose not every gesture looked familiar to him. read more »

Tanulj meg bízni.


Írta nekem egy kedves barátnőm pár napja, mire felcsattantam. Mivel hetek, hónapok óta tanulópénzen vagyok, kezdett elegem lenni a folytonos tanulásból… megbántottam, azt hittem, elege lett belőlem, ő pedig azt hitte, nekem meg belőle lett elegem, amiért prédikál nekem, és két napig mindketten azt hittük, elszakadt a varázs-burok… Azután megbeszéltük, eloszlott a komor felhő, és nagyon nagy szükségem van most erre a barátnőmre, ahogy a többire is… read more »

Kicsikét én

Nagyon rég írtam ide magamról… meg olyan is volt, hogy kitöröltem… amolyan bettisen… és aztán kinevettem saját magamat. Ennyire bizonytalan vagyok még mindig… folyamatosan. read more »

Lost and found (1-8)

1 .

Standing in front of the judge, he felt shame and anger burn heavy on his shoulders. The court room was jampacked, but the silence grew thick and deadly. He could hear the thoughts, his, theirs, angry and deceived, sad and demanding. He felt ashamed, he felt indignant, he felt used, and terribly lonely amidst all those people. read more »

The one task

He had noticed her on a summer evening. He still remembered it vividly, as he was just preparing to step up the stage after his walk through the crowd when he saw her standing there. Silently, almost invisibly. She was not moving like the rest. She was not reaching her hands to grab him or touch his shirt. She was merely looking at him, into his eyes, with a very sad and gripping smile. read more »

In his eyes

His eyes scanned the crowd in the darkness. Standing motionless above them all, waiting for the music to start filled him with excitement and nervousness. What will they think of it? Will they appreciate it, or think of him as a conceited prick? read more »

Memories of you

(Disclaimer: This is a complete work of fiction, though the two characters are taken from real life. It probably never happened, but then again, it might have. In any case, it is what it is, FICTION.)

Memories of you

They were soon going on stage. Again, the two of them together. This time, she was older, and he- he had matured. read more »

The sacrifice

Time stood still as she watched on, immobile and scared. This could not be happening. How did they get there, to that moment of urgency, where decision hung heavy as rich velvet, threatening to fall, but also to be transformed into something endlessly more harmful. She pinched her arm to wake herself up- it could only be a nightmare. read more »

The hurting

The plains of her infertile soul lay endless in the landscape of her existence. She performed the daily rituals that enabled her to go through with her life, but she did not feel anything. In her possession she had everything most people only dreamed about: a place to go to bed at night, a job to provide her with financial security, a true and loyal soul mate, friends who accepted her every whim, and a loving family. Yet she was unsatisfied. read more »

The healer

The healer

The news came in a crow’s song and on a butterfly’s wings. Have you heard he was in town, they asked each other excitedly. He came to us, he came to help, we have to go see him. They scurried across the bare plains and empty streets, regardless of what they were wearing, not caring about their appearance or what they had to stop doing. read more »

At first sight (1-6)


The Champs-Élyseés was, and would forever be, an endless source of excitement and frenzy for locals and visitors alike. Just as Picaddilly Circus and its close vicinity in London, or the Nevskiy Boulevard in St Petersburgh, the main artery of Paris was the Champs-Élysées. read more »

A walk by the sea (45-50)

(Part II)


Deep into the water, deep into the dark, deep into the water, deep into the dark, the words repeated themselves in her mind under a starless night sky by the sea. Sitting on a cliff, letting time go, letting everything go, envelopped by a cold wind and the darkness of the lonely night. read more »

A walk by the sea (41-44)


Despite having laid in her bed for almost a whole day, sleeping fitfully, chasing herself in her dreams, waking up to a moonless sky and a thunderous night, then drifting back to sleep, Mary got up in a stupour. read more »