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Things change… I have to accept it. But so suddenly?

Two weeks ago I heard an angel sing. Now I see a sex-idol walk between the rows, letting women tear him to pieces (almost). Does my stomach signal something? Yes. Am I happy? Hard to say.

I hate changes… and that’s all I’m getting these days. My better half, the one who puts up with so much from me, the one who always behaves patiently when I should be slapped a couple of times, is far away, out of sight, out of hearing. The light is not on when I come home. I am cold in bed when I hop in. I do the shopping, I do the cleaning, and the house, as a result, is rather dirty. I don’t fight with Kitty, and she craves it. I don’t cook, because there is no one to cook for. I eat salads, chocolate, yoghurt if starving. The kitchen is a mess. I don’t rush home, because there is no one to rush to. Actually, I thought I was fine up to this moment, but no, I hate it all. read more »

Until the end of time

I wrote this a loooong time ago. In university. I still love it…

Oh does he know does he? How can anyone be so cute? Anyway he can’t help it, he was born this way.

She was contemplating his face again. She could not take her eyes off his lovely face. Her feeling ridiculous did not help at all. Not even his looking up and seeing her stare. She felt her cheek turn red, but her fingers moved carelessly on the sheet, shaping a rather badly drawn female body. She wished. Wished that she was more talkative with those whom she liked. If only she had said hello to him afterwards, and not shy away from him, the embarrassment of both would have disappeared. Of course, cursing herself was no remedy. It was marred, the whole affair. read more »


Here I am finally, in my own little cave. Here I won’t have to pay attenton to what I say. I have been trying to fit in for twenty-eight years, and I have always wanted to mould myself according to this and that. Well, here it will be all me.
If anyone will drop in and say hi, or like what I have to say, or will agree with something, or disagree even, I will be very happy. 🙂