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Josh Groban in World book of records 2009

Cashing in on Christmas
Josh Groban’s Christmas collection Noel was the bestselling album of 2007 with 3.7 million copies sold. And the album was only released in the middle of October, giving buyers just 2.5 months to purchase it. This is the first time a Christmas album has topped the sales charts since SoundScan began in 1991. SoundScan tracks sales for Nielsen by collecting data from more than 14,000 retailers.

Hell, YEAH. Two and a half months is all it took. If we had had half a year, that album would have topped every single chart and broken every single record set. Yep.

I am ridiculously proud of Noel, because it was concieved as the love-fruit of the complex, some say weird and corny relationship between Josh and his fans, the Grobanites… He did not want to make a Christmas album but they basically begged for it for years. He emphasized all throughout the making process that it was for us only. Well, for us only, Josh- and this is for you only!!! For you, we would probably move mountains and stop wars and perform miracles. At the rate you’re teaching us how to love, we just might start doing those things soon!

*heart bursting with love and pride for this wonderful man*

(photo by Joshboy aka Charles Hu)