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Aussie pride!

*giggle* Couldn’t help myself…


Starting to really like GIMP.


Wings of desire (3)

For the first time, he saw traces of fear in her eyes. And yet, she stood before him, unflinching, brave. Questioning his horrible words, his horrible soul.

-I don’t think you could hurt me -she simply said, but he caught the faint quiver of her lower lip.

-You don’t know me… you don’t know what I’m capable of -he turned away, walked to his desk and fell on the chair. Its legs squeaked under the weight of his burdened conscience. She saw his back, hunched to protect himself from her inquisitive eyes. Adding to the strange landscape of silence and uncertainty, muffled stamps could be heard in the background as they tried to hit the heavy rocks. read more »

Wings of desire (2)

With a frightening growl, he stormed away from her, jumping into the boat and pushing himself away from the bank of the channel, into the darkness until he was nowhere to be seen.

She heard low sounds, murmurings of water and splashes of oar and muffled sounds of something not human, not monster… something she knew belonged to him. The Angel. She was unable to think of him as the Phantom… She had heard scary stories about him, and most people feared his dark ways… but she could not bring herself to be afraid of him. read more »

Wings of desire (1)

A fanfic inspired by The Phantom of the Opera… I changed some things… and the Phantom himself. If you check the tags, you will understand why. *giggle* I started writing this a long time ago, but now someone requested an update and I decided to keep on writing it. With a clear conscience, because there is no real person involved. *cheers*
As for the title, I apologize… I know it’s stolen… but I couldn’t help it, I like it so much. Titles are my nemesis… I can’t find proper titles for my stories! All the best ones are already taken!

He stood with his back to it all. Emotions welled up inside his heart, spilling over his closed eyes, burdening his eyelashes with heavy tears.

He could not do it.

Dropping over his bed, he buried his hated face into the soft covers.

The waters of the underworld, his underworld, lay still and dormant under the archways of putrid stone, leaden with moss and slimy rust. Ancient wails echoed between the walls of the tunnel and the perfectly still surface of the water. His wails. His pain. His loneliness. read more »


Bársony ujjaim között, illatos vérszínű bársony, letéptem egy halódó rózsáról, hogy magammal hozzam illékony emléknek. Ahogy száll el belőle az élet, úgy illatosabb, és selymesebb tapintású. Halála előtt közvetlenül a legerősebb az illata…

Nemrég beszabadult az épület folyosójára egy kis madár. Üvegablakok vették körül, látta a szabaság útját de visszatartotta valami nem látható erő. Szegényke repkedett, verdeste kis testét az ablakhoz, nagyon fájt nézni. Rádobtam a kardigánomat, foglyul ejtettem, és szabadon eresztettem a bejárat előtt… Egy pillanatra rámnézett, pihegett, nem értette, hogy ő most szabad, aztán elrepült és letelepedett egy közeli bokron. A minap megint láttam, bekukucskált a bejárati ajtón, készenlétbe helyeztem a kardigánomat, hátha megint mentőakcióra lesz szükség. Nem volt, mert a kis szárnyas nem jött be, odakint maradt, az ő világában. read more »


What happened to the big laughs we used to have at most of the Eurovision songs? I remember, only a few years ago, we watched the show for entertainment, mostly, to get good laughs. There were only a few good songs back then. Today the situation changed… maybe because of the musical jury each country has, that provides half the votes, maybe because Europe realized that instead of making us ashamed with kitsch and ridiulous pomp, it is time to boast the national differences in a good, tasteful way.

Last year, Russian Dima Bilan won with his catchy, dramatic, and in my personal opinion, beautiful Believe. No, the reason I like the song is not Evgeni Plushenko‘s presence… although he does add a lot to the performance, in fact, some say it was he who won the Eurovision contest. LOL. (As a Hungarian, I am also proud that Edvin Marton played the violin!) Watch this, and admit that you liked it. I’m still having goosebumps!

This year a Norwegian, Alexander Rybak won with his similarly catchy, but very different Fairytale. Without a doubt, he was one of the most original contestants, I liked his song already in the semi-final, and I agree with whoever said during the voting part that he was the cutest guy that evening… He has a face to light up the stars! Watch, and smile with him! (Btw, goosebumps again! The infallible proof of a good song!) And note the presence of the violin, again… can we see the pattern? *wink*


(KATA!!!! el ne olvasd… semennyit se. Se te, aki nem akarod tudni, hogyan végződik a Szökés c. sorozat!
YOU who haven’t seen the series finale of Prison break and would NOT like to know how it all ends, will stop reading NOW.)

…are here to remind us of our own potential. They are born to show the way, to set an example. It is a sad fact that TV series (movies, music, art in general etc.) does not necessarily focus on the positive side of heroes. Take the world-famous TV show with the same title: I watched religiously until the third season, where the negativity, the aggression, the blood, the hatred became unbearable. So there is a baddie in all of us. Raise your hands if you’re not aware of it… yet. We get the point: Devil inside, Devil inside, every single one of us, the Devil inside. The world is doing a great job remindig us again, and again, and again. Crime series, crime news, crime reality, crime fiction, wars, wars, hatred, killing, guns, battles, wars, guns… We know about the battle of good and evil, God versus Satan, we live it daily, even though most of us may not be aware of it. I think that reminding us of how evil can strive will not be beneficial in the long run; the more violence we witness, in person or vicariously, the more natural it will feel. The easier it will seem to get a gun, and shoot someone, or talk dirty to our parents. That’s my take, anyway.

I think that heroes portrayed on TV and in art should be more positive. They should be more like… Michael Scofield. read more »


Mindblowing season finales: Lost and House M.D.

So, after House‘s fifth season finale, I thought nothing could shock me.

I thought nothing could possibly ruffle my feathers more than the fact that Gregory House, the annoying genius, has been broken, on his own accord, after years and years of offending, hurting, poking people around him for the sake of fun, or solving a puzzle. Gregory House realized he had abused his Vicodin usage too much, he had gone too far, and is stranded now in a place where his only asset, his intellect is at danger. In a spine-chilling last twenty minutes, we slowly realized that his one-night stand with Cuddy never happened (woe to all Huddy-fans, as happy as I was for them, I’m sure you guys understand that House in love is not the House who could make the series live), and that Cutthroat Bitch aka his subconscious never stopped surfacing, which for everyone who has even superficially looked into psychiatric connotations will mean that Gregory House is in imminent danger of losing his mind. So, Gregory House is broken, in fact, shattered, and he agrees to go to a psychiatric hospital. The season’s previous few episodes may have been slightly disappointing, writing-wise, but the finale, I am sure, satisfied even the most finical of viewers. Hugh Laurie’s acting was more brilliant than we have seen from him in House, and that says a lot. Laurie’s acting is probably the best thing in the entire show, and it never, ever, disappoints. In the finale he outdid himself, in fact, one wonders when the actor digs so deep into his role that the madness he has to depict will start affecting his own life. (For the most recent, and tragic example, take Heath Ledger’s life cut short after playing a Joker who was nothing less than psychologically disturbing. To put it mildly.) It is to be hoped that Hugh Laurie’s life will not be seriously affected by the madness of Gregory House.

So after the dramatic ending of House that poses a dozen questions, Lost showed a two-episode long season finale, the last finale before the final season. I would honestly like to know which Lost fan did not spend hours reading into theories, ideas, and mad brainstorming following the finale that not only did not answer the questions we have been asking for years, but it posed dozens more, and by now, an average Lost fan’s brain must look like a disturbing Rorschach spot and the brain of a serious Lost fan is probably something beyond description. As Hurley would say, dude, this is way too much. Mythology, religions, politics, cultural history, and what not is constantly present, and our knowledge is constantly questioned, challenged, and hit by this show. There are only two things one can do after a Lost finale: start googling like a nutjob, knowing that there is no way in heaven or hell that all the questions will receive answers from the omniscient interweb, or lay back with a tortured grin and scream, WHAT THE FRICKIN’ HELL WAS THAT???

In Bruges

Every work of art can be seen as many things, depending on the viewer’s background, attitude, etc. In every work of art we probably see much more than the artist originally intended to put into their piece. This probably happens because an artist is a spokesperson for a higher conscience that some call God, others inner voice, or something else; sometimes an artist sets out to create a piece of art which ends up meaning something completely different for somebody else. This is not the misunderstanding of art: it’s the natural way audiences worldwide are ready to open up to ideas, or to give way to emotions they have been repressing. I only say this because what I see in this film is probably something completely different from what Martin McDonagh originally wanted to state in his brilliant first feature-length piece, In Bruges. read more »

Nagyon szeretne…

Ma reggel a kutya ott volt a kertünkben, a bátyám elkergette, majd az orra alatt dünnyögött, “még a végén ideszokik ez a dög”. Átnéztem a kerítésen, az utca túloldaláról a kutya rámnézett, remegett az izgalomtól, és majdnem átszaladt hozzám egy autó előtt.

Érzi, tudja…

Lost in translation

What is it about a movie that captures something real? When do we feel like something genuine is happening before our eyes, and we forget it’s happening on the screen? I don’t know about you, but I always look for human relationships in every book, movie, song, photo, in everything around me. The way we touch and interact is the ultimate source of wonder for me, and also the fundamental place where we can learn from our mistakes. Very often, even if the movie is bad, I will watch it, if there is interaction between humans in it, if there is depth in the story, if there are consequences drawn, and lessons learnt. (For this very reason, movies that focus on form, or destruction, or there is no redemption at the end, bore me, or I will simply not watch them.) read more »

A katona és a macska/Soldier with cat

Martina McBride “Wild angels”

Between the perfect world and the bottom line
Keeping love alive in these troubled times
It’s a mircle in itself
And we know too well what that’s about
Still we made it through, only God knows how
We must’ve had a little help
(Must’ve been)

Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Watching over you and me
Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Baby what else could it be

Well it must’ve been hard, it must’ve been tough
Keeping up with crazy fools like us
‘Cause it’s so easy to fall apart
And we still break each other’s heart sometimes
Spent some nights on the jagged side
Somehow we wake up in each other’s arms
(Must’ve been)

Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Watching over you and me
Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Baby what else could it be

There are some nights
I watch you while you dream
I swear I hear the sound of beating wings

Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Watching over you and me
Wild Angels, Wild Angels
Baby what else could it be


Kóbor kutya ütötte fel gyámtalan kis fejét a kertünkben néhány napja. Tacskó, fiatal lehet, bár nem értek a kutyák korának megállapításához. Bejött a kerítésen keresztül, ami kovácsoltvas, nagy lukakkal. Átment a kerten, nem nagyon figyelt ránk… Napok óta a ház körül lófrál, bizonyára megérezte, hogy családom több tagja is jó szívvel viseltetik irányában. Tegnap a párom vizet adott neki… Ma bejutott a szomszéd kertjébe, és rázárták a kaput, nem vették észre, hogy ott maradt bent… Dorka kutyával ismerkedik, és szerintem koroghat a kicsi gyomra a Dorka kerítésén túl található étel szagától.

Ha kis időn belül nem gyűjti be senki, szerintem ez a kutya nálunk fog kikötni. Kutyaház van, egyikünk sem emlékszik, miért lett megvéve, de ott van, üresen tátong. Anyut kérdeztem a kutyaházról, elárulta, ő is a kutyára gondol éppen…


A vágy és a harag a legrosszabb tanácsadók.

(Publius Naso Ovidius)

Miért nem terjedtek el nálunk a passzívházak? Olcsóbb az üzemeltetés is!

Hiába lehet a passzívházakkal töredékére csökkenteni az éves fűtési költséget, mégsem terjednek Magyarországon, mert építésük 15-20 százalékkal többe kerül a hagyományos családi házakhoz képest – derült ki két különféle passzívház technológia képviselőinek megkérdezésekor. read more »

A művészet gyógyító ereje

(Nem szokásom más bloggerektől “lopni”, de ebben az írásban sok pontban “hazataláltam”, ezért az eredeti bejegyzés tulajdonosának engedelmével áthoztam ide részleteiben. A teljes írás Balogh Péter blogján olvasható, itt: Balogh Péter blogja)

Mily kedves az ember fülének néhány dallam, mely „megpendíti a lélek húrjait”. Szép ez a magyar kifejezés, utal a zene lényegére és a folyamatra egyaránt: el kell jutnia a lélekhez és aktivizálnia lelkünket. Mikor a legmélyebben rejtőző valóságunk aktívvá válik, jól érezzük magunkat, létrejön a harmonikus állapot, ami maga a boldogság. read more »