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(KATA!!!! el ne olvasd… semennyit se. Se te, aki nem akarod tudni, hogyan végződik a Szökés c. sorozat!
YOU who haven’t seen the series finale of Prison break and would NOT like to know how it all ends, will stop reading NOW.)

…are here to remind us of our own potential. They are born to show the way, to set an example. It is a sad fact that TV series (movies, music, art in general etc.) does not necessarily focus on the positive side of heroes. Take the world-famous TV show with the same title: I watched religiously until the third season, where the negativity, the aggression, the blood, the hatred became unbearable. So there is a baddie in all of us. Raise your hands if you’re not aware of it… yet. We get the point: Devil inside, Devil inside, every single one of us, the Devil inside. The world is doing a great job remindig us again, and again, and again. Crime series, crime news, crime reality, crime fiction, wars, wars, hatred, killing, guns, battles, wars, guns… We know about the battle of good and evil, God versus Satan, we live it daily, even though most of us may not be aware of it. I think that reminding us of how evil can strive will not be beneficial in the long run; the more violence we witness, in person or vicariously, the more natural it will feel. The easier it will seem to get a gun, and shoot someone, or talk dirty to our parents. That’s my take, anyway.

I think that heroes portrayed on TV and in art should be more positive. They should be more like… Michael Scofield. read more »