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Mindblowing season finales: Lost and House M.D.

So, after House‘s fifth season finale, I thought nothing could shock me.

I thought nothing could possibly ruffle my feathers more than the fact that Gregory House, the annoying genius, has been broken, on his own accord, after years and years of offending, hurting, poking people around him for the sake of fun, or solving a puzzle. Gregory House realized he had abused his Vicodin usage too much, he had gone too far, and is stranded now in a place where his only asset, his intellect is at danger. In a spine-chilling last twenty minutes, we slowly realized that his one-night stand with Cuddy never happened (woe to all Huddy-fans, as happy as I was for them, I’m sure you guys understand that House in love is not the House who could make the series live), and that Cutthroat Bitch aka his subconscious never stopped surfacing, which for everyone who has even superficially looked into psychiatric connotations will mean that Gregory House is in imminent danger of losing his mind. So, Gregory House is broken, in fact, shattered, and he agrees to go to a psychiatric hospital. The season’s previous few episodes may have been slightly disappointing, writing-wise, but the finale, I am sure, satisfied even the most finical of viewers. Hugh Laurie’s acting was more brilliant than we have seen from him in House, and that says a lot. Laurie’s acting is probably the best thing in the entire show, and it never, ever, disappoints. In the finale he outdid himself, in fact, one wonders when the actor digs so deep into his role that the madness he has to depict will start affecting his own life. (For the most recent, and tragic example, take Heath Ledger’s life cut short after playing a Joker who was nothing less than psychologically disturbing. To put it mildly.) It is to be hoped that Hugh Laurie’s life will not be seriously affected by the madness of Gregory House.

So after the dramatic ending of House that poses a dozen questions, Lost showed a two-episode long season finale, the last finale before the final season. I would honestly like to know which Lost fan did not spend hours reading into theories, ideas, and mad brainstorming following the finale that not only did not answer the questions we have been asking for years, but it posed dozens more, and by now, an average Lost fan’s brain must look like a disturbing Rorschach spot and the brain of a serious Lost fan is probably something beyond description. As Hurley would say, dude, this is way too much. Mythology, religions, politics, cultural history, and what not is constantly present, and our knowledge is constantly questioned, challenged, and hit by this show. There are only two things one can do after a Lost finale: start googling like a nutjob, knowing that there is no way in heaven or hell that all the questions will receive answers from the omniscient interweb, or lay back with a tortured grin and scream, WHAT THE FRICKIN’ HELL WAS THAT???