Monthly Archives: January 2011

Oh, happy day…

It is that day of the year again… how fast time flies, how quickly we grow old together. It’s been almost four years now. So many lessons learnt, so many experiences shared, so many moments cherished.

You have had a deeper impact on me, sis, than you can imagine. When I think of all the things I should be grateful for, your name comes up very high on the list. I would not be the person I am now, had it not been for your enduring and ever-so-patient presence from the first moment our paths crossed.

This is a virtual toast to you, that you may continue to enrich my life, and that of so many others. I wish you joy and love and challenges and always, always redemption.

Happy Birthday, my dear Lor.


Chuck… lol

I admit to be a junkie… it took me 1 second to be persuaded into making a wallpaper. (Truth be told I was only looking for an excuse, lol.)