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Favourite songs: You’re my mirror

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Tina Dico You’re my mirror

When I feel your eyes on me I fall to my knees
And I wait for your look to judge and define me
I’m just a thin shell breaking in your palm
Starving for substance, identity
I am not afraid of this act of mutual creation
I take from you as you take from me
Like nervous hands reaching out for each other
Your eyes can tell no lies, I am what you see

You’re my mirror
Everything I do I see in you
You’re my mirror
In your eyes I hide
You’re my mirror
What you see is what you’re giving me
You’re my mirror
In your eyes read more »

You’re my mirror (3)

There was no photoshoot, but he felt he was exploding. If he couldn’t lose himself in the warmth of a woman he would lose his mind. Too much work and too little rest had made him a little grumpy lately. Why that note and why not the other, when it sounded much better like that. Why only two shows in Atlanta, why a bluish album cover again, why this, why that. He needed to vent, he needed to complain to someone, and for some reason, a stranger (or almost) seemed more suitable for the job than anyone from his crew or family. He just saw them too often; right now, he needed to interact with someone whose not every gesture looked familiar to him. read more »

You’re my mirror (2)

For mature readers etc.

You’re My Mirror (2)

He shifted in his seat, restlessly throwing a leg over the other, waiting for the camera to be set finally. It was an especially slow and exhausting photo shoot, something that if he had been asked, he would have considered useless. read more »

You’re my mirror

Mature readers, please, or at least above 18. Or whatever.


-Just let me think, okay? –he frowned into his cellphone. –I don’t know if I want to do shows all the time. What if I want something else with my life than sitting on airplanes and waiting in airports? Dammit Brian. read more »