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Farewell, Sydney Pollack…

I cannot believe it… I didn’t even know he had cancer. I’m so shaken right now I can’t even formulate a proper “obituary” post. Who needs those, anyway… No biography here, either, go read one of the thousands on the web. I honestly can’t say I knew im that well, but I knew many of his movies… and many of his movies resonated with me… many of his characters. His stark honesty. The same honesty Robert Redford depicted so well. They went hand in hand, two artists who helped each other become legends.

The movie titles start coming back to me… “They shoot horses, don’t they?”… “Out of Africa”… “Jeremiah Johnson”… “Three days of the Condor”… “Havana”… “The interpreter”… “The way we were”… “The electric horseman”… and so many more. That I watched, that made me think, entertained me while leaving me sober.

The death of Antonioni or Bergman may have been a harsher blow on the film industry, but Sydney Pollack touched me deeper. For now. So I will remember him, for now.

Goodbye, Sydney… I didn’t know you… but you left a mark in my life. Have a safe journey onwards.