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Remény (II)

Jó régen volt, hogy ezt elkezdtem… hogy mit mikor miért kell befejezni, azt nem tudhatom, de azt igen, hogy talán most végre ennek is ideje volt. Nem túl… nem a legjobb, amit valaha írtam, de be kell járatnom magam kicsit. Nézzétek el nekem, és köszönöm a türelmet!

Remény- 2-ik rész

Előzenekarként a Dixie Chicks szórakoztatta a közönséget, és egy Alabama Cowboy Skate nevű amatőr formáció ugrabugrált magasszárú csizmát idéző korcsolyában, óriási kalapban, kivágott blúzokban. Az este az első perctől fogva hatalmas siker volt; zsibongott a közönség, méhkasként telezsongva a korábban méretesnek tűnő stadiont. read more »

A walk by the sea (33)

They stepped into the house at the same time; he turned to her apologetically, but she only squeezed his hand. She could not say that she loved the unison between them, the fact that he was by her side, that they were one, together, in that moment. She was unable to speak.

She had a myriad of thoughts circling in her brain, all of which were connected to Joshua. She was still on the verge of mistrust and disbelief: how could she possibly accept the fact that he- that he loved her? That he wanted her? How was it decided by the gods, or heavens, or fate, who received joy, and who received pain? She had had her share of pain, but everything faded into oblivion when he made her face him, look into his eyes, and kiss him. read more »

A walk by the sea

Adding this chapter here, just in case. I wish to keep the entire story thread on the message board, and I am not risking its life because of this- this- thudalicious little chappie. Not too harmful, but who knows. With this story, I like to play it safe…


Chapter 31

She awoke in the night, disturbed by strange dreams of longing and solitude. She was chased, or she was screaming without a sound in the middle of an endless desert, or sitting on the seaside all alone. Each time, she felt her heart drum in her ears and her lungs contract in panic, and each time, she turned to see him asleep by her side. read more »