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Broken English

It’s really rare that you see a movie about people who could be you doing things that you could be doing in a non-glamorous and yet romantic way. It’s like your own life (or imagined life) just a tiny bit spiced up without turning it into an implausible Hollywood piece that stars the handsomest and prettiest stars and has you into a euphoric state: the aneasthetized life we all like to live sometimes where there’s money and laughter and a future and sex and music and perfection. But the movies that have all this come and go, leaving no trace. Not this one. read more »


I have come across this amazing website the other day. I was browsing on a message board related to a favourite singer of mine, and someone posted this link regarding some help she was trying to give to someone from the board. It’s wonderful that people do care, that people do take the initiative and start something that grows with time to become a world-altering project.

Basically, this is a non-profit organization that grants wishes, regardless of age, sex, religion, etc. Anyone can make a wish, and anyone can grant a wish. I have always had problems with charities in the sense that money one gives there is given without a name, without a face, and you never know where your money will end up. I am not saying I don’t have trust in charities, although there are many who will take advantage. I’m just saying that this website is a universal chain of love where some single mom is asking for help for her kids’ Christmas, and an old teacher, perhaps from another country, will offer to send her money for a grand, festive meal. There are people asking for material help, others for spiritual, and otherwise. People comment, people ask, people reply, people HELP. It’s something I had been toying with for months now, something to gather as many people as possible to start helping each other, through small steps first. But this website is a very well organized charity place already, there is a foundation, there is a shop, one can donate, or just browse and “listen” to how people ask, and receive help. It’s wonderful!


is the website, take a look and be uplifted. 🙂 Anyone, even YOU can be somebody’s hero!!!

Strange bliss

So there’s this male beauty, an actor I had noticed a few years ago in a very popular TV show, who was apparently spotted with a man last year. There have been rumours about him and this other actor, who officially came out recently.

And instead of mourning him, me, a straight chick, I feel exhilarated. read more »

“Eli Stone” cancelled…

I cannot believe it… but it is true. Confirmed a few minutes ago by many reliable online sources.

I could go on and on about why this show changed me… instead, I will ask each and every one of you to sign the petition to save “Eli Stone”. THANK YOU!!!

Unexpected (a concert review)

I distinctly remember the first time I saw the video of “You’re beautiful”. Quiet, gripping; a sad-faced guy with an almost ridiculously soft voice (who sang about some angel he had seen on the subway, but she was with another man, and now he was mourning the loss of her) undressing in the snow, arranging his things before him with military precision (confirmed later by the fact that he used to serve in the army), and finally jumping into the freezing cold water. What the… read more »

A walk by the sea (74)

On the evening Sara dropped by to pay a surprise visit to her older friend, she found that the clean, organized home of her artistic friend was quickly becoming an unorderly pile of clothes, books, and random objects thrown together on the floor, by the sofa, between the bedroom entrance and the fireplace. read more »

A walk by the sea (73)

-In the charges of contract breach and violation, the jury rules in favour of the plaintiff, with a penalty fee fixed at thirty thousand dollars to be paid by plaintiff within twenty days. The defendant is hereby ruled to relinquish all rights over the property of the plaintiff, including all non-material property such as composed music. read more »

A walk by the sea (72)

Lindy closed the door behind her without a sound. Her older son was fast asleep in his old bed, the one he had grown up in. read more »

A walk by the sea (71)

Dragging her feet over cold, barren soil that led in the form of a narrow path to the small church, Mary followed the calling of something more powerful than her conscience into the tiny building that was warmed by a mere few heaters placed around the altar, and lit by a few dozens of candles, tokens of zealous gratitude by the newly found reverence of the citizens of Bodeford. read more »

A walk by the sea (69)

Part III

Chapter 69.

January arrived with vicious blizzards uncustomary to Bodeford. It upset the lives of its citizens, who for days did nothing but struggle to come to terms with God’s new form of punishment for their real and imaginary sins. read more »

Walk by the sea (68)

She broke down as soon as she lost him from her sight, and from then on, the evening went by in a state of stupour occasionally shattered by uninvited moments of clarity. They were as painful as that cloud of certainty looming above it all. Nothing she could do would ever bring him back. He was lost to the darkness forever, and it was her fault. read more »

Walk by the sea (67)

Shutting his ears to the younger man’s drunken protests, Andrew carefully but firmly pushed the former onto the seat next to him, making sure to secure the seatbelt across the squirmy chest. read more »

Walk by the sea (66)

-Mr Morgan… what a surprise, seeing you here! -Andrew exclaimed when they reached the bottom of the stairs. -I didn’t know you were a fan. read more »

Walk by the sea (64-65)


The silent hug her old friend gave her told Sara there was something wrong. She tried to search Mary’s eyes, but noticed a gentleman standing not very far away, discreet yet attentive. He must be Andrew, she concluded, and let her friend go for a moment to extend her hand to him. read more »

A walk by the sea (63)

Sunlight tickled the skin of his taut abdomen, and coffee was brewing in his kitchen. The fact that it was Angela preparing it for him already shaped his mood into that of an elongated, gloomy cloud that veiled the happy sun of his older self. He had a headache, and the upcoming night did not exactly bring blissful thoughts to his already deranged ones. read more »

Farewell, Sydney Pollack…

I cannot believe it… I didn’t even know he had cancer. I’m so shaken right now I can’t even formulate a proper “obituary” post. Who needs those, anyway… No biography here, either, go read one of the thousands on the web. I honestly can’t say I knew im that well, but I knew many of his movies… and many of his movies resonated with me… many of his characters. His stark honesty. The same honesty Robert Redford depicted so well. They went hand in hand, two artists who helped each other become legends.

The movie titles start coming back to me… “They shoot horses, don’t they?”… “Out of Africa”… “Jeremiah Johnson”… “Three days of the Condor”… “Havana”… “The interpreter”… “The way we were”… “The electric horseman”… and so many more. That I watched, that made me think, entertained me while leaving me sober.

The death of Antonioni or Bergman may have been a harsher blow on the film industry, but Sydney Pollack touched me deeper. For now. So I will remember him, for now.

Goodbye, Sydney… I didn’t know you… but you left a mark in my life. Have a safe journey onwards.

A walk by the sea (62)

She slowly turned to face a ghost, smiling at the power of her fancy and that of her will, which had fought and defeated the improbability of Joshua actually standing there in front of her. read more »

A walk by the sea (61)

When it was over, she stood up with the rest of them, blindly clapping for the man she dearly loved. She watched his haggard face from behind the shelter of someone standing in front of her, his not so much humble, but rather resigned gestures of gratitude. read more »

To all DonnieDarkly readers

So, this is my blog. I’m rather tired after working on the design for hours with my better half helping me online. Anyway, this is where I’ll post all my stories from now on… I will create separate tags for each story. One of these days. And I’ll start writing again. One of these days…

A walk by the sea (33)

They stepped into the house at the same time; he turned to her apologetically, but she only squeezed his hand. She could not say that she loved the unison between them, the fact that he was by her side, that they were one, together, in that moment. She was unable to speak.

She had a myriad of thoughts circling in her brain, all of which were connected to Joshua. She was still on the verge of mistrust and disbelief: how could she possibly accept the fact that he- that he loved her? That he wanted her? How was it decided by the gods, or heavens, or fate, who received joy, and who received pain? She had had her share of pain, but everything faded into oblivion when he made her face him, look into his eyes, and kiss him. read more »