Happy Birthday, Josh :)


Someone asked him how he explains his thinness. When he has the voice. With this voice, one expects a Luciano, a big person, someone really, really big. Josh giggled and said, he was working on the body business. But not just yet.

Hell, no, Josh! Stay the way you are! You are perfect 🙂

Anyway, one week, seven days, a little more, and so many thoughts, so many words, said, unsaid, dwelt on, put into imagery, kept hidden in my mind, shared, treasured. One hurricane you were, my one and only is laughing at me, but hey, you can’t expect such things to be understood. You either feel them, or not.

Happy Birthday, Josh!!! And a thank you as big as the infinity! For the things I am feeling… It’s almost love, almost wishing, almost desire, almost floating. A new certainty that the world is perfect! See, I will be alone for more than a year… the one I love will be far from me… it’s almost like someone sent you to watch over me.

Do you understand this, dearest? *hug* I hope you do! Because this is the only way I can keep sane with you so far from me…