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Lightnings light up the sky and thunder fills the air. Cold saturates Meriel’s bones and she realizes the storm could catch them off guard any moment now. Despite the cataclysm that the elements are ready to unleash on them, she stays put and immobile beside him on the flat rock, ready to shelter him in any way she can because in that terrible, lonely moment he needs her more than anyone had ever needed her before.

MMCP: My Most Cherished Project

Like most people, I also possess the natural desire to create something lasting, leave something behind that will touch people. We all long to capture our moment, become immortal. It’s all an illusion as in time, everything perishes; nevertheless, we struggle to attain this goal. Our utmost goal in life.

For me, the closest I have come to perfection and pure unadulterated joy was through writing. It is also my futile but very delectable effort to leave something lasting for mankind. read more »

A walk by the sea (74)

On the evening Sara dropped by to pay a surprise visit to her older friend, she found that the clean, organized home of her artistic friend was quickly becoming an unorderly pile of clothes, books, and random objects thrown together on the floor, by the sofa, between the bedroom entrance and the fireplace. read more »

A walk by the sea (73)

-In the charges of contract breach and violation, the jury rules in favour of the plaintiff, with a penalty fee fixed at thirty thousand dollars to be paid by plaintiff within twenty days. The defendant is hereby ruled to relinquish all rights over the property of the plaintiff, including all non-material property such as composed music. read more »

A walk by the sea (72)

Lindy closed the door behind her without a sound. Her older son was fast asleep in his old bed, the one he had grown up in. read more »

A walk by the sea (71)

Dragging her feet over cold, barren soil that led in the form of a narrow path to the small church, Mary followed the calling of something more powerful than her conscience into the tiny building that was warmed by a mere few heaters placed around the altar, and lit by a few dozens of candles, tokens of zealous gratitude by the newly found reverence of the citizens of Bodeford. read more »

A walk by the sea (70)

The letter lay unopened on his night-stand where he had put it a week before. He had gone to bed that night with a turmoil in his heart he was shocked to experience at the sight of a mere envelope in which hid a few words from her, with all probability words of apology and regret, or a token of her continual friendship in the shape of ink on paper. read more »

A walk by the sea (69)

Part III

Chapter 69.

January arrived with vicious blizzards uncustomary to Bodeford. It upset the lives of its citizens, who for days did nothing but struggle to come to terms with God’s new form of punishment for their real and imaginary sins. read more »

Walk by the sea (68)

She broke down as soon as she lost him from her sight, and from then on, the evening went by in a state of stupour occasionally shattered by uninvited moments of clarity. They were as painful as that cloud of certainty looming above it all. Nothing she could do would ever bring him back. He was lost to the darkness forever, and it was her fault. read more »

Walk by the sea (64-65)


The silent hug her old friend gave her told Sara there was something wrong. She tried to search Mary’s eyes, but noticed a gentleman standing not very far away, discreet yet attentive. He must be Andrew, she concluded, and let her friend go for a moment to extend her hand to him. read more »

A walk by the sea (63)

Sunlight tickled the skin of his taut abdomen, and coffee was brewing in his kitchen. The fact that it was Angela preparing it for him already shaped his mood into that of an elongated, gloomy cloud that veiled the happy sun of his older self. He had a headache, and the upcoming night did not exactly bring blissful thoughts to his already deranged ones. read more »

A walk by the sea (62)

She slowly turned to face a ghost, smiling at the power of her fancy and that of her will, which had fought and defeated the improbability of Joshua actually standing there in front of her. read more »

A walk by the sea (61)

When it was over, she stood up with the rest of them, blindly clapping for the man she dearly loved. She watched his haggard face from behind the shelter of someone standing in front of her, his not so much humble, but rather resigned gestures of gratitude. read more »

A walk by the sea (60)

Oh my god. I had a completely different plot but something happened and triggered this- this whole new set of events and I am just as excited as hopefully you guys. LOL. read more »

A walk by the sea (59)

…finally, here is the update.
It’s not cloudlessy happy, but it is one step forward from hell.
Thank you all for reading!

The way his hand had grazed his cup of coffee seemed so careful that she wished she could be invisible. Her son had been subdued and apologetic that morning, despite not uttering a single word to let her know he was sorry. She suspected Eileen had talked to him earlier on, and she had felt so sad for him, and herself, too. He was not to blame, but she couldn’t blame herself, either: even though she knew it was all her fault, she had to stay strong against self-remorse if she wanted to survive. read more »

A walk by the sea (58)

I believe, this was the deepest she could have gone.
If she went any further, she would not be alive now!!!
I know you’re all impatient to see how the story will go, but I needed to write this chapter. Short but important one.
I won’t say enjoy… but endure! Stuff to happen shortly, promise!
*hug* read more »

A walk by the sea (57)

Dinner was consumed in a profound silence broken only by cutlery meeting plate, food being masticated slowly, and the funny, but universally accepted noise of wine trickling down human throats. read more »

A walk by the sea (56)

It came as it always did, uninvited yet expected, the clear start of a new day, a clean sheet to veil the dark events that lay behind him. His eyelashes were sticking his eyes shut, and he had no intention of opening them: why get up? read more »

A walk by the sea (51-55)


He saw her sitting at her desk when he stepped out of the elevator. In her white top and a sophisticated bun on top of her head, her long-nailed fingers holding a receiver, her lips parted in talking. She was a sight to behold and he stood for a few moments, until she finished the call, and watched her, a step further from the elevator to keep it from opening and closing automatically. A tress of her hair fell lazily from the tight bun and floated next to her ear. Her nose seemed pointy and so did her chin. Those full lips moving quickly, from a smile into a professional pucker, back into a smile and an understanding squeeze. She could be anyone, really, only using her lips. read more »

A walk by the sea (45-50)

(Part II)


Deep into the water, deep into the dark, deep into the water, deep into the dark, the words repeated themselves in her mind under a starless night sky by the sea. Sitting on a cliff, letting time go, letting everything go, envelopped by a cold wind and the darkness of the lonely night. read more »