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Lightnings light up the sky and thunder fills the air. Cold saturates Meriel’s bones and she realizes the storm could catch them off guard any moment now. Despite the cataclysm that the elements are ready to unleash on them, she stays put and immobile beside him on the flat rock, ready to shelter him in any way she can because in that terrible, lonely moment he needs her more than anyone had ever needed her before.

MMCP: My Most Cherished Project

Like most people, I also possess the natural desire to create something lasting, leave something behind that will touch people. We all long to capture our moment, become immortal. It’s all an illusion as in time, everything perishes; nevertheless, we struggle to attain this goal. Our utmost goal in life.

For me, the closest I have come to perfection and pure unadulterated joy was through writing. It is also my futile but very delectable effort to leave something lasting for mankind. read more »