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Wings of an angel

Sarah McLachlan

In my hand I am holding Sarah McLachlan’s latest jewel, the complete and updated Mirrorball live CD. It not only looks like a perfect gem, it also sounds like one, like everything else we have heard from her. So far, I am absolutely in love with “I will not forget you”, but the rest is also absolutely beautiful. read more »

Fiction of the 20th century women writers in Canada

My friend Gitta (check her site dedicated to Anne, http://www.greengables.hu) reminded me that in two days’ time it will be Lucy-Maud Montgomery’s birthday; she gave us Anne of Green Gables among other things, which is one of my favourite novels ever, so I thought I would dig up my old final exam papers I had to compile in university, and below is what I found to be relevant.


In order to understand the 20th century women writers, a journey into the past in essential. The presence of the Canadian lady has always been felt in literary life. Frances Brooke and Rosanna Leprohon wrote French-English romances in Québéc; Pauline Johnson and Isabella Valancy Crawford depicted their Indian experiences in their poetry; and Susannah Moodie’s and Sara Jeannette Duncan’s novels were the Canadian response to American presence. read more »