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It all started with the new BBC series “Sherlock”. It took me considerably more time than it took most Cumberbitches to fall under the spell of Benedict, the new British acting phenomenon. But I did, around the end of episode 1 of series 2, and by the time I finished “Sherlock” I was hungering for more. Mr Cumberbatch led me to a few beautiful movies, relatively unknown to the general public. “Wreckers” (2011) and “Van Gogh: Painted in words” (2010), as well as “Hawking” (2004) would definitely deserve more recognition. But the movie that twisted my guts and heart and soul in so many ways I felt drenched in my own sorrow at the end was “Third star”, something I previously considered a silly comedy based on its cover, not really worth seeing, just maybe. Possibly. Just to tick it off my list. And then it turned out to be THE movie of the week. Month. Probably year. read more »