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Made on g’s iPhone: Burling gap, England

“The waves come and go, the sparkling white foam of water splashes against the rocks, and retreat, and return, and gurgle back, and come back once more. The sounds of water against earth and stone are deafening, yet very soothing. She does not hear too much when the waves scream against the rocks, and it is good. She feels rooted in the sand, part of the landscape, part of a little piece of a momentous present. It is almost painful, but she revels in the explosion of sound and scent and colour. She sees it all as a vast canvas she can probably never paint, because it is, even more so than anything she has ever tried to paint, beyond her capacities. There is not enough blue, not enough black and ochre and rust and bronze and silver and alabaster and olive and azure to depict what her eyes witness every single time she comes to watch the sea interact with the beach, her beach.”

(excerpt from A walk by the sea, by Krisztina Csiki)

Just a photo

Thank you, Thomas Laupstad.