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Changing the world

They say, you cannot change the whole world: change yourself first, so that you can help others. There is a television series that has changed me more than anything has changed me before.

Eli Stone is without a doubt the most important TV show the world has right now.

I started watching it because a friend of mine suggested I might like it. I didn’t actually like the first episode, but I got hooked pretty quick, nonetheless. read more »






take me there. No one is there with me, but I am there, with that which is either outside us, or within us, but is the best of us under whichever name… We two are one, within each other, holding each other. Hurt… joy… the same… bliss.


Cím nélkül

Újraélem a szívemnek legkedvesebb történetem mozzanatait, mivel átírom az egészet, kiadásban gondolkodva. read more »


Amióta Müller Péter egyik könyvében említette ezt a művet, fokozott érdeklődéssel és várakozással fordultam felé; emlékszem, tinédzser koromban olvastam már, a nagymamámnál, könyvtári könyv volt, Thomas Hardy és A. J. Cronin akkortájt voltak a kedvenc íróim, és talán a gimnáziumra való felkészülés részeként Tolsztoj regényét is elolvastam. read more »

Álom, álom…

Az előadás után ismerőssel baktatok, megemlítem neki, mennyire csodálom őt, a férfit, aki ismét elvarázsolt, mire az ismerősöm szó nélkül odavezet egy elkerített fél-helyiséghez, ahol ő ágyon fekszik, pihen. read more »

Uplifting songs (III)

John Farnham You’re the voice

We have
The chance to turn pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make ends meet before we get much older
We’re all someone’s daughter
We’re all someone’s son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun? read more »

Új Megasztár

Tóth Vera, Caramel és Rúzsa Magdi után ma Király Viktor is Megasztár lett… read more »

Broken English

It’s really rare that you see a movie about people who could be you doing things that you could be doing in a non-glamorous and yet romantic way. It’s like your own life (or imagined life) just a tiny bit spiced up without turning it into an implausible Hollywood piece that stars the handsomest and prettiest stars and has you into a euphoric state: the aneasthetized life we all like to live sometimes where there’s money and laughter and a future and sex and music and perfection. But the movies that have all this come and go, leaving no trace. Not this one. read more »


I have come across this amazing website the other day. I was browsing on a message board related to a favourite singer of mine, and someone posted this link regarding some help she was trying to give to someone from the board. It’s wonderful that people do care, that people do take the initiative and start something that grows with time to become a world-altering project.

Basically, this is a non-profit organization that grants wishes, regardless of age, sex, religion, etc. Anyone can make a wish, and anyone can grant a wish. I have always had problems with charities in the sense that money one gives there is given without a name, without a face, and you never know where your money will end up. I am not saying I don’t have trust in charities, although there are many who will take advantage. I’m just saying that this website is a universal chain of love where some single mom is asking for help for her kids’ Christmas, and an old teacher, perhaps from another country, will offer to send her money for a grand, festive meal. There are people asking for material help, others for spiritual, and otherwise. People comment, people ask, people reply, people HELP. It’s something I had been toying with for months now, something to gather as many people as possible to start helping each other, through small steps first. But this website is a very well organized charity place already, there is a foundation, there is a shop, one can donate, or just browse and “listen” to how people ask, and receive help. It’s wonderful!


is the website, take a look and be uplifted. 🙂 Anyone, even YOU can be somebody’s hero!!!

Uplifting songs (II)

RyanDan High

Well here I am with so much to offer
Nothing to do but be here today
Giving myself it’s the best I can do if I’m needed
Use my strength in any way read more »

Apám gyilkosa

Apu két hét híján három éve halt meg, tüdőrákban. Gyorsan végzett vele a betegség, felfogni sem volt időnk. Azóta persze megváltoztak dolgok a családban, de most nem erről akarok beszélni.

Olvasok egy könyvet, Kurt Tepperwein írta, a címe Szellemi öngyógyítás (1975-ben született a mű), ebből szeretnék most idézni.

“…a mentális elképzeléseknek milyen messzemenő testi következményei lehetnek. Ugyanezen a módon természetesen egy betegséget is valóságossá lehet tenni. read more »

Uplifting songs (I)

For some time now, I have been looking for songs that inspire me, lift me up, make me feel positive about myself and the world in general. Listening to these songs always does something to me; the lyrics stir me and inspire me to be better, to- to do something. Something good.

I know that many people are trying to compile similar songs, so I decided to start posting the list of the songs I found over the past years, by mistake, and more recently, by searching on purpose.

Everyone, enjoy these small miracles, and I hope they will bring you as much joy as they brought me.

Josh Groban You are loved (Don’t give up)

Don’t give up
It’s just the weight of the world
When your heart’s heavy
I…I will lift it for you read more »

3 jó dolog

Rátaláltam egy blogra, amelyben a szerző leírja minden nap, mi az a 3 jó dolog, ami aznap történt vele. Gondoltam, tán pont ma kellett nekem ez, mert eléggé […] vagyok ma. Mindenki helyettesítse be a megfelelő jelzővel. Még ehhez is hülye vagyok most.

De lássuk, találok-e ma 3 jó dolgot. read more »