Darling, don’t read on unless you’ve seen episode 3/15!!! That applies to everyone else.

Dammit, I swooned the minute he started playing that piano! And Dave Matthews joined in… that was a mesmerising moment. So beautiful!

The medical case blew me away, and it raised such a tough question- is it worth having a gift, if you can’t have a life? People love you if you’re unusual, if you’re gifted… it’s human nature, we are drawn to any manifestation of higher powers, we just can’t help it. The more gifted someone is, the more we are drawn to them, like helpless little nails to a gigantic magnet. I know I work like that. It’s pathetic and despicable, but I can’t help it. So here is a guy who can play the piano, he is a master of the black and white keys, but he acts like a four year-old. If he loses his right brain hemisphere, he loses his talent. But gets his normal life back. Oh, man. The healer (Julie walking home was the other title), by Agnieszka Holland, with beautiful Miranda Otto, amazing William Fichtner (best known at the moment as the ARRRRRR so freaky and gorgeous and complex Alex Mahone from Prison break) and the special Lothaire Bluteau deals with the same issue, among other things. Julie tells Alexy that she loves him; but when he, after loving her, loses his powers, she goes back to her husband. I keep thinking of this movie, over and again, of the poor healer, who had been given a gift, and he drops it for her sake, and then she drops him because of that. Well, this is not the only question raised in the movie; it’s a heart-gripping piece, not one second rings false in it, and it stays with you for a long long time.

House had more brilliant moments than in the past ten episodes together. Hugh Laurie shone like all the stars together; his facial expressions are endless, his voice he can use like a pickaxe to carve off the superfluous stuff from his and our emotions, and MAN can he play the piano!!!!!!!! *thud*

Oh, and did I mention that CAMERON KISSED HOUSE???????????????????????????????? *THUD* My hat goes off to the writers… they did it! They gave in to the neverending persuasion coming from (one part of) the fans, and yet, they left just the amount of doubt there to have us all excited and on tenterhooks even more from now on! Cos she is learning fast, LOL, I for one never saw her trick coming, but of course, House is House, he always knows! Oh, the kiss… *drools*

Hm, I think I may have forgotten Wilson… he is always brilliant. Robert Sean Leonard is one amazing actor. My excuse is that I’ve always liked him! Right since Dead poets’ society… He never disappoints, not even when all the lines are off: he always looks and sounds right.

Oh, just one more thing. HOUSE GRABBED CUDDY’S ASS!!! *thud, drools, giggles*

Phew. Jampacked with things to watch, hear, and ponder. Brilliant, brilliant stuff! The reason why House MD is still one of my favourite shows, ever…