Voice of an angel

I was, literally, touched by an angel, a few days ago, when I heard a heart-gripping melody on TV; then yesterday I heard it again, and I had to check the title, performer, date. Now, listening to this guy’s third album, I struggle for words, which is no news, except that I struggle even more than usually. This must be God speaking. There is no other explanation. He speaks to me, to us, to everyone who hears this, or heard this some time ago, or will hear this, somewhere in time. Or can it be, after all, that it’s the singer not the song…? Who is this guy? How can there be anything bad in the world, when he had sung so many times? I have been one constant goosebump for the eleventh song now, and I suspect this is not a fleeting impression.

Angels do not come about by accident.

He is Josh Groban.