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The eternal question for a vampire who falls for a human: should he turn her into an immortal lover, or let her fade into oblivion as nature intended?


  1. EterGrobie
    Posted May 2, 2009 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

    That always did depend on the human. Vampires are such a worrying kind. It’s like they don’t want to be happy, just because their diet happens to be blood. What they should be worrying about, instead of ‘oh no, i’m turning her into a cold blooded killer and maybe destroying her soul in the process!’ is ; ‘Am i going to want to spend eternity with this woman? Like, literally?’
    Whether she will have a soul or not doesn’t really matter at that point, if she won’t ever have to use it.

    It amazes me, though… If it was the life force itself they needed from a human, they could take it by other means than blood (since they don’t mind drinking from corpses and all). So why don’t they just find out the components in what they’re eating now, go find some plants who each have at least one of those attributes, and make a (however tasteless) soup?
    Then there’s always the animal diet if you don’t like greens.
    I mean, honestly!
    Go turn a scientist, you might get naturally integrated into society.

    Ah… Vampires never were a very logical creation. So, in that sense, i suppose Stephenie Meyers sparkly vampires are justified.

    Wow… Long comment. Sorry (a_a)’

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    Hahahahaha… Lisa, you’re priceless 🙂
    I agree, these new-age vampires are rather weird… I got lectured by a few in the know that *real* vampires are, how shall I say it, less soft-hearted and soft-toothed… They take and kill with no remorse. And they do die on sunlight.
    I think the whole notion of vampirism has undergone a ton of changes, I think mostly to justify a… new motif? In light literature? Many people would turn away from a heartless blood-sucker (me, for example) but once you have someone who’d rather die than kill a human- *snort*- well, what woman could resist that. It’s the new recipe. It works damn well. I mean I know I’m salivating over a compromised idea of a very old theme, but at least I know it. LOL. I can hardly wait to see the next movie. 🙂
    My friend recently read Twilight, she’s into deeper stuff generally (like me) but so man people recommended the stuff that she got curious. She enjoyed it. Then, to my persuasion, she watched the movie. She generally prefers the book to the movie adaptation- not this time! LOL! I’m pretty sure it had to do something with whatsisname young hottie, Mr Pattinson… looooool.
    I don’t mind long comments, Lis. 🙂 Make ’em as long as you like. My blog is open for cool people like you. 🙂

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    Спасибо! Буду теперь заходить на ваш блог каждый день! 🙂

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    Why are u talking or typing about edward when u can talk about jacob, jake is hot (literaly) and u are in no danger of him killing u exept for the occasional warewolf but he actuely is protecting the people and he protects vampires to as long as it’s the cullens.I just finished he 4th twilight book I cried alot in the 2ed twilight book it took me 2 weeks to finish the whole series!!! And I also had school so that made it hard to read but I managed.

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