I just finished watching the penultimate episode of Eli Stone. I cannot believe there is only one episode left. I refuse to feed on the obvious, the superficial and the empty. I want the positive, the inspiring, the uplifting. At all times.

Eli’s dad warned passengers to get off a plane that did, in the end, crash to kill the unbelieving. Jeremy. Jeremiah. What a beautiful, meaningful name. Grace and her mom were there, and Grace was saved. For Eli. It’s all so beautiful, no?

I feel connected to these characters, part of them like they are part of me. These actors play archetypal roles and they may not even be aware of it. They may play parts they’re scared to take on in real life.

This post feels scattered all over the place but my heart’s everywhere and I feel so much.

One last episode… and so many out there will be left without their shining light.

Then again… so many out there will have discovered clarity because of this show.

Thank you, Eli Stone.