Lost memories

Who has not found an old photograph somewhere, lying on a sidewalk, forgotten on a table at a restaurant, torn and crumpled after a rainy day in the cemetery? Automatically, we pick it up, we look at it, we wonder who the person in the photograph is, where they lived, what their past was, what their future will be, and why has the photograph been dropped, forgotten, or lost by the one who took it? Was it an important photograph, mislplaced or taken off by a rogue wind? Was it a memory its owner wanted to forget on purpose? Would it evoke happy, or unhappy feelings, if seen again after a long time?

There are numerous websites that deal with lost photos… there are many who are as curious as I am, and they wish to create museums of memories for these photographs. They are noble and wonderful endeavours, because after all, our past is all that connects us together. If we lose the past… we cannot know where we’re going.

Browse these websites… they are magical places. (Click on links to open the sites.)





(photograph taken from Timetales)