Goodbye, Eli

So, it’s over. UK viewers saw the thirteenth episode of the second season of Eli Stone yesterday. Twenty-six episodes altogether is what the show got. Crime series like CSI get several times that many episodes. Crime. Someone killing someone else, and others finding out who, and why they did it. Reality shows, sit-coms go on forever and ever. I am not judging any sit-com… who am I to judge anyway. I’m just… so sad it’s over.

It’s been great following your out of the ordinary life, Eli.

Well, you have Grace… and you have Maggie, too. You heard your Father (both of them- or are they One?) speak about his fatherly pride to you. You lost one of the aneurysms, and you’re still alive. Something that seemed uselessly cruel to someone turned out to save someone else you loved. So, everything’s connected. Yep.

See you… in another shape, Eli? I’m sure we’ll meet again. You, the message… you will find a way to reach me. Reach many others.

Farewell, Eli. Godspeed!