Miracles Inc.

After my high-brow mini-essay on friendship (please insert self-ironic smiley) and the extensive feedback, I was preparing to write my next posts on two important and controversial subjects. I was already discussing the pros and cons in my mind, I was preparing my argument. (God it’s been ages since my last academic essay!) Well, not really; this is a personal blog and I refuse to be cornered by any regulations whatsoever. Back to what I was saying – please pardon my incoherence, I slept a skimpy four hours and my grey matter is preoccupied with something that happened yesterday -, so, like I was saying… yes. Controversial, universally discussed matters. Those will have to wait.

They say miracles happen to those who believe in miracles. My question is: do we start believing once we witness a miracle, or do miracles happen because we condition ourselves to believe in them…? I think I would say both. I don’t remember I ever saw a burning bush or the disappearance of a man, but at one point in my life, miracles did start to happen. True, they were small miracles. Reading the minds of others. Experiencing something that altered my whole existence. Receiving a reply from God (or the universe, or call it what you want) to a question/request, or receiving a reply to something I was only thinking about. Meeting people who changed who I am, who shaped my life and my outlook on the world. I think what I prefer to call miracles per se, are events of synchronicity; at first, I called them accidents, or haphazard occurences, but as time passed, I began to notice that these events of synchronicity started to occur more and more often. Whether I intuitively sensed these events, whether I willed them to happen, I think it doesn’t really matter. I think it works both ways. I think we want something so hard that we do help along that cause, and when it’s almost happening, our precognition flares the red light: it’s happening!

They say that if we love someone very much, we start reading them. We start feeling what they feel without talking to them. Perhaps even without being on the same continent with them. I have had so many instants of synchronised thinking, or unpremeditated thought-synchronising between me and my friends (and sometimes even strangers) that by now, I’m not even surprised whenever it happens again. I divined people’s thoughts and they divined my thoughts, too. We read each other’s minds and hearts, we visualised them; I sensed actual numbers, objects, places and settings before they happened. (No, I do not play the lottery. Moronic, right?) I knew what hotel room number a celebrity was going to have a year before he came to Hungary. (No kidding.) I talked about an event at a particular setting, something that never happened before, and the next day the news came of that particular setting being used by that celebrity. I visualised thoughts and memories and feelings in Photoshop wallpapers, memories and thoughts of others. I figured out small personal events in someone’s life without ever having spoken to them. I don’t use a crystal ball or even cards; these things just happen. And they happen increasingly more often these days; pretty soon I’ll stop talking to people because the mind-reading (it goes both ways!) is starting to happen on a ridiculous scale!

I’d like to stress that I don’t think I’m a unique person when it comes to extra-sensory perception, in fact, I’ve lately come into contact with people whose lives contain some pretty hardcore stuff. You wouldn’t believe them if I told you, I myself wouldn’t believe them if I hadn’t been there. The thing is, humankind is evolving; whether we like it or not, ESP is a daily ingredient of our lives and everyone, each and every one of us is capable of becoming a precog. We all are precogs. It’s there whether you believe, or not; some of us are more open, some of us are very close-minded, but that doesn’t change the facts.

In any case, this just happened: I went to a concert last October, the band got through to me big time with their music and stage presence, I wrote a blog post (a concert review) several months after that with the aim of making the band’s name more present on the world wide web (they are not yet very well-known, it’s a shame because they really rock), several months passed, there were no comments, and I thought, I performed my duty and I talked about them, as well as my own feelings openly. I owed them this much. Last night on my train home I listened to their album for the first time in months and wondered to myself if the guys ever came across my review and whether they liked it. I arrived home and a comment from the lead singer of the band was waiting for me under the review. He thanked me for my honesty and he said that if they moved just one person in the crowd the night of that concert, it was worth it and that my words mean a lot to them.

I will spare you the graphic details of my emotional implosion; suffice it to say, when I was able to think straight again, I thanked him on my blog and I thanked the universe and God for a lot of things. For getting a reply to the request (plea is more like it) that I sent forth just yesteday about not getting love in return. For the simple, unmistakable proof that words do matter, and that honesty moves people, that an open heart is the shortest way to another person’s heart. For the fact that my blog is not redundant, and for the fact that my words get there; perhaps not always, perhaps there is no feedback, but my words do get there. I am of little faith and God saw it fit to shake me back into the reality of miracles with a gigantic, loving nudge.

So now here I am sitting on a pile of miracles that is growing every day; I look around and tell myself to keep an open eye, ear and heart at all times; you can never tell when you see, hear or feel something that will rock your boat and create ripples and waves to other people’s soul. I was so not expecting a warm-up band to rock my world last October; after a few years that were (in my opinion) jampacked with miracles, I did not expect any more. Even now, sitting on my pile and cherishing the memories, I fully believe that that was it. No more are coming, I mean it’s impossible. What more could happen?!

And yet, I know, based on my firm and wonderful experience, that life is full of doors ready to be opened.

And behind those doors, miracles are ready to occur just for us.