Back with a request

Dear Anyone who wanders into my blog!

I have recently come across an amazing novel by Jennifer Lash (who was none other than Ralph and Joseph Fiennes’ mother!), “Blood ties”. Without saying too much, this was one of the most gripping, turbulent, emotional and profound books I have ever read. I am in awe at the author’s talent and psychological insight, she must have been an exceptional human being.

My request is linked to the above minuscule praise. It has come to my attention that Jennifer Lash penned a few more novels, all of which are out of print, extremely rare and their prices on Abebooks and similar bookfinding networks are surreally high. If I had that kind of money I wouldn’t mind paying 150 US dollars for her novels, I believe they are worth every penny. So, if anyone has a spare copy of any of her other novels (not the “Pilgrimage” which is non-fiction and also widely available), or knows a way to locate copies that would cost less than 50 US dollars, please contact me by commenting on this post.

Any kind of help is terribly appreciated.