Godspeed, Mexicolas

Jamie posted this on their official webpage six days ago.
The mind boggles, the heart breaks, the anger rises.

Dear friends,

After years of trying in vain to compete with the machine that is the “music industry”, it is time to inform you that the band are hanging up their spurs once and for all. The frustration felt by many as to why Mexicolas never made a bigger splash, is felt none more than by myself and all who have worked with me over the past six years. I would like to thank all the great musicians I played with, Tim Trotter, Del Carter, Ben Drummond, Steve Godfrey, Dan Whitehouse and Paul Stone for putting up with my manic ways. Each line up brought something different to Mexicolas and I couldn’t have wished to have worked with a finer crop of people. To all involved behind the scenes I thank you sincerely. But the biggest thank you goes out to all of you who believed in my songs and kept me going, you made me realise it’s not about fame and fortune…the reward of genuinely touching people with music is worth all the years of hard work alone. Many great memories I have of Mexicolas, but it is a chapter of my life that I feel has run its course. And so InExile are putting everything I’ve ever done, demos that didn’t make the first and second record, acoustic versions and rearrangements, and of course the new material that I’ve been working on with Paul Stone onto iTunes. So…Once they’re up there… Please do help yourself to whatever takes your fancy…treat it like a song based pick and mix. I hope you enjoy owning/hearing them. (secretly i’m hoping you’ll download everything three times so i can afford a new Pair of shoes!!!) It would be a shame to lock them up to never be heard again. And so with a heavy heart I say once more, THANK YOU for listening. The creeps in my head have all gone to bed…


Times like these I say, no fucking justice and also, if anyone dares to tell me ever again that Lady GaGa and the like make good music, I am going to hit them in the face. They are parasytes who live inside the minds of zombies… us, people… we are zombies. We settle for the crapload pushed down our throats. We accept what’s mediocre and we even start to like it. Finally, we believe that’s what we all are, mediocre lumps of crap.

You know what? If you do accept mediocrity in your life… YOU BECOME IT.

Dear Mexicolas, Jamie and the rest of you guys, you left a very deep imprint on my heart and memories like that never fade.

All my love.