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SB no. 1

I saw an angel…

…of that I’m sure
She smiled at me on the subway
She was with another man
But I won’t lose no sleep on that
‘Cause I’ve got a plan

You’re beautiful…
You’re beautiful…
You’re beautiful, it’s true…
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don’t know what to do,
‘Cause I’ll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by
She could see from my face that I was,
Fucking high
And I don’t think that I’ll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end…

Aussie pride!

*giggle* Couldn’t help myself…


Starting to really like GIMP.





Save me


Inside joke: I’ve been trying to determine, based on the (un)biased opinion of numerous “Twilight” and “Moonlight” fans which of the two vulnerable blood-suckers is more appealing. So far, no decision has been made by me or any follower of the aforesaid movie or/and TV show. So I tried to compare, visually. As always, it turned out to be rather ambiguous; if you think there’s a hidden story behind the surface, it’s probably there. *giggle*

Twilight wallpaper

The eternal question for a vampire who falls for a human: should he turn her into an immortal lover, or let her fade into oblivion as nature intended?

Josh Groban 301-400

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Josh_363 Josh_365


Some eye-candy for all of you Mick-fans…

Még mindig/More Plushenko

Ezt nem is merem feltenni máshová, csak ide… aki félreérti, annak úgyis hiába magyaráznám. Nézzen utána, hány művész, előadó látta magát Megváltóként. Én most ezt érzem, ezt akarom kifejezni.

Anyone who misunderstand this, I’m sorry… go check art history and see how many artists, performers have seen themselves as the Redeemer. This is what I feel now, this is what I wanted to express.

Josh Groban 201-300

More Josh Groban wallpapers (click on the links):

Wallpapers 1-100

Wallpapers 101-200

Wallpapers 301-400 (in progress!)

Josh Groban 101-200

More Josh Groban wallpapers (click on the links):

Wallpapers 1-100

Wallpapers 201-300

Wallpapers 301-400 (in progress!)

josh_101.jpg josh_102.jpg josh_103.jpg josh_104.jpg

josh_105.jpg josh_106.jpg josh_107.jpg josh_108.jpg

josh_109.jpg josh_110.jpg josh_111.jpg josh_112.jpg

josh_113.jpg josh_114.jpg josh_115.jpg josh_116.jpg

josh_117.jpg josh_118.jpg josh_119.jpg josh_120.jpg

josh_121.jpg josh_122.jpg josh_123.jpg josh_124.jpg

josh_125.jpg josh_126.jpg josh_127.jpg josh_128.jpg

josh_129.jpg josh_130.jpg josh_131.jpg josh_132.jpg

josh_133.jpg josh_134.jpg

Josh Groban 1-100

More Josh Groban wallpapers (click on the links):

Wallpapers 101-200

Wallpapers 201-300

Wallpapers 301-400


josh_1.jpg josh_2.jpg josh_3.jpg josh_4_zhenya.jpg

josh_5.jpg josh_6.jpg josh_7.jpg josh_8.jpg

josh_11.jpg josh_12.jpg josh_13.jpg josh_14.jpg

josh_15.jpg josh_16.jpg josh_17.jpg josh_18.jpg

josh_19.jpg josh_20.jpg josh_21.jpg josh_22.jpg

josh_23.jpg josh_24.jpg josh_25.jpg josh_26.jpg

josh_27.jpg josh_28.jpg josh_29.jpg josh_31.jpg

josh_30.jpg josh_32.jpg josh_33.jpg josh_34.jpg

josh_35.jpg josh_36.jpg josh_37.jpg josh_38.jpg

josh_39.jpg josh_40.jpg josh_41.jpg josh_42.jpg

josh_43.jpg josh_44.jpg josh_45.jpg josh_46.jpg

josh_47.jpg josh_48.jpg josh_49.jpg josh_50.jpg

josh_51.jpg josh_52.jpg josh_53.jpg josh_54.jpg

josh_55.jpg josh_56.jpg josh_57.jpg josh_58.jpg

josh_59.jpg josh_60.jpg josh_61.jpg josh_62.jpg

josh_63.jpg josh_64.jpg josh_65.jpg josh_66.jpg

josh_67.jpg josh_68.jpg josh_69.jpg josh_70.jpg

josh_71.jpg josh_72.jpg josh_73.jpg josh_74.jpg

josh_75.jpg josh_76.jpg josh_77.jpg josh_78.jpg

josh_79.jpg josh_80.jpg josh_81.jpg josh_82.jpg

josh_83.jpg josh_84.jpg josh_85.jpg josh_86.jpg

josh_87.jpg josh_88.jpg josh_89.jpg josh_90.jpg

josh_91.jpg josh_92.jpg josh_93.jpg josh_94.jpg

josh_95.jpg josh_96.jpg josh_97.jpg josh_98.jpg

josh_99.jpg josh_100.jpg

To the only One


…and the pic I made it of.


Thank you, my angels